Thursday, September 04, 2008

Work Work Work

I got a promotion at work three weeks ago. Before you go all confetti on me, please know it was only a 1% raise, not the 10-15% you migt have been expecting. The interview process with my manager, and the position that was open really got me thinking about what my motivations were for applying for it. I knew the raise would be pretty small, especially considering I was moving to salary versus hourly, and my manager gave me a heads up on the fact that we currently have a pay freeze in place for management. I also was well aware of the challenges on our team of low morale, buggy new tools, and high call volumes. I have been a 2nd level tech and escalation point for 5 months. Despite the challenges, I felt that I could bring consistency and stability to the team, through the adversity, so I talked with Melissa and I took it.

So far I haven't regretted it at all. I don't anticipate regretting the move either. Oh, I know there will be days of pure hell, but by and large those days will be few. I am excited to take my work to the next level and help shape my Techs into the power houses they all can become. And that is exciting to me.

As an aside, my days have flown by these past three weeks--busy learning new process, staying longer than 8 hrs per day, working on bringing issues into compliance.

Despite the small grumblings I have heard about procedural change stuff, the experience has been very good. I feel I am helping the team in a direction that will add meaningful procedures, timely updates, and better support. And that will eventually lead to a raise greater than 1%.

So all in all, I am just happy to be here.


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Tricia said...

Congrats, Jay... that's awesome! Sometimes it's not about the money, it's about what you know you're capable of doing and being willing to get out there and do it and make things better. It sounds like that's exactly what you're doing - good job!