Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Monday and I still can't believe that John McCain says ABBA's "Dancing Queen" is his favorite song. Seriously? You are a mans man, survived 7 years of the Hanoi Hilton, label yourself as a Maverick, and like ABBA?

I am shocked. I expected something like "For Whom The Bell Tolls", or "Smoke on the Water"--not ABBA.

Obama's favorite song was something by the rap group The Fugees, and elicited a great big yawn from me. The Fugees? At least he is in touch with his inner blackness. But ABBA? C'mon McCain!

At the very least I can say I am glad neither of them said they dug anything by Bjork. I'd have had to become an ex-pat and moved to Australia!



Michelle said...

Hey come on - what's wrong with Dancing Queen? I LOVE ABBA! But, I am a girl of course (but, fyi - your big bro. has been known to sing along to ABBA...)

Tricia said...

LOL Jay... but I'm a fan too... love that song... it helps me get my groove on. (wink)