Thursday, September 25, 2008

I was cleaning the apartment/cooking dinner and thinking about my growing up mom home schooled us for 2-3 years and also ran a day care. I was particularly remembering the alphabet people she had, and my favorite, "Super Socks". Well, I thought I'd search for it on google, and lo! I found it! My kids were glued to the computer for 3 playings. Ahhh the memories!

For your viewing pleasure I give you "Mr S" aka "Super Socks"

If I ever learn to play guitar, this will be the first song I jam to...


And one more version (has the Sesame Street version)


Lara said...

Oh my gosh!! ha ha! I can tell this had a huge influence on who you are today.

Shopgirl said...

I remember the letter people! what great memories! I loved playing with the little mister s pen-type tool that went along with the books. good times! I shared this with Mason, and he loved it. gotta show Tay! I bet Hyrum loved it!