Saturday, September 13, 2008

I found a very good story about the BYU UW game last Saturday with comments posted by the UW kicker Ryan Perkins. Very insightful. I also thought a majority of the comments posted in the blog entry were classy, regardless of which side the comment came from.

This really shows that ESPN is motivated by some sort of adgenda. They put a spin on it, sensaionalizing the story and trolling for a breaking news story (and their efforts look like they paid off in dividends for ESPN).

What they need to remember is that when someone cries "The Barn is on FIRE" and the damn building is not on fire, people tend to frown on that. They'd be better off to just suck up the fact that they didn't get the MW conf contract, and report the news.

As to today's game against UCLA, Go COUGARS!


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