Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's The Little Things...

I realized today, after a very long week of daddy detail (Melissa had CKU, a scrap booking convention from Wednesday till today, Saturday), that I find much of my joy in the little details of day to day life. I've compiled a short list, please feel free to add things that you find simple and amazing in the comments section.

My List:

Achieving the perfect part in my daughters hair (got it today for the first time!!)

The way the stairs look after having been freshly shampooed

The taste of pickle and cheese sandwiches (a special thanks to Wendy Malan for introducing me to them ten years ago--yes, I'm still eatin' them!)

The absence of things in those tiny clutter spots through the house

A freshly bathed and fed nine-month-old fast asleep and on clean bedding

A balanced checkbook

Minty-fresh and clean toilets

The laughter and fascination of my two toddlers and their excitement over bugs, weeds, and piggyback rides

Soft chairs and the sore feet to gratify them

Chowing down on food someone else has made (ahh...Carl's Jr, Taco Time, and Olive Garden, bless you this week!)

Catching the opening ceremony of the Olympics at 2 am today

The lovely feeling that came after realizing the grudge I'd held for two different folks had melted away. It feels almost cliche to say, but it's such a relief to not harbor ill feelings to these two anonymous folk from my ward (no one any of my readers would know). It went away after talking with them (not about anything remotely related to my feelings) and realized that I just didn't want to carry around those icicles any more. It was simple and wonderful to set the icicles down and allow them to melt!

That's about it for now...after all, the post was about the little things (the last thing mentioned was hardly a little one, in it's philosophical connotation or in its discourse, but I felt it was worth mentioning (so there, go stuff that in your pipe and smoke it, angry anonymous editor guy...or...whoever).


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Lara said...

Love it.

Freshly clipped nails on your baby so he no longer can peel your face off.

Clean fridge

Newly stocked up on food storage, toilet paper, paper towels, etc

Paying off a bill (I wish I knew how that felt more often!)

A healthy baby

Family. Period.