Thursday, August 21, 2008

08-08-08 Tag (Better late than Never)

Posting this in reply to Amber Wolf's blog, thought it would be fun to show ya'll what goes on in my brain. Sort of a Secret life of Walter Mitty thing. Read on and taunt, barf, laugh, whatever. :)

8 TV shows I Love to watch:

Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe
Man vs Wild
It Takes A Thief
How It's Made
Modern Marvels
Cities Of The Underworld

8 restaurants I love:

Landry's Seafood
Olive Garden
Sushi Ya
Red Robin
Carls Jr

8 things that happened today:

Snoozed the alarm 3x
Woke at 2:45 am
Gathered food
Came in to work
Worked my backlog
Read online news
Checked in on my buddies blogs

8 things I am looking forward too:

Sunday! The beginning of my weekend
Nap time @ lunch
That clay bar from Griots Garage
Dan's birthday
Melissa's birthday
Miles' birthday

8 Things I Love about Summer:

T shirts
Driving with the windows down
Kids playing in the back yard
The cool mountain air

8 Olympic Events I want to see (and got to!):

Opening Ceremonies
May Treanor
Men's Volleyball

8 things on my wish list:

Be a business owner
Dream garage
Travel to Britain, Europe, China, Alaska, Hawaii, Tahiti, Caribbean
Own a cabin
Have an in-house chef cook for me 3x a week
Have a personal trainer

8 people I want to do this same thing:

Way to go May-Treanor and Walsh!

It was a lot of fun watching them this year. 108 consecutive wins and back to back Gold medals (2004 and 2008). This is what the olys are all about :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

U.S. Men's 4x100 Freestyle Relay

I got to watch the Olympics last night and witness that record breaking race. Amazing! Incredible! What a feat of Herculean ability! To see the come from behind victory was an Olympic experience right up there with watching Mary Lou Retton in 1984. Simply amazing. And simply too great for words. 

Many others have written words of greater eloquence about this event; the media loves things like this--a firestorm of writing will have been posted about it by the time I type this. My tiny words here are to pay a homage, albeit a small one, to the greatness of their deeds. These men did something last night that was truly remarkable. They shattered the old record (set a year ago, if you can call it old) by four seconds. That just doesn't happen every day.

When Lezak started to close at the 40 meter to go mark, I jumped up and was yelling at the TV in my front room. When he slapped that wall at .08 ahead of the French team, the reaction on Phelps' face was classic--a legion of emotion washed across it. I saw a moment of fear, a moment of incredulity, and then raw elation unleashed. It was one of those Walt Whitman "Yawp" moments, and was caught and recorded and will be replayed for years to come. I wanted to call someone, to yell too, to laugh and sing and express my pride over such a thing. A New Olympic record! Five teams beating the old record, and a new record for the 100 meter, and the fastest time in a 4x100 freestyle leg! What a race!

And I am very glad to say I was "there" to see it live. Fantastic!

I sure have enjoyed the Olys this year. Have been watching every night for hours on end.

Heres a link to NBC's website with a video clip just in case you missed it.



Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's The Little Things...

I realized today, after a very long week of daddy detail (Melissa had CKU, a scrap booking convention from Wednesday till today, Saturday), that I find much of my joy in the little details of day to day life. I've compiled a short list, please feel free to add things that you find simple and amazing in the comments section.

My List:

Achieving the perfect part in my daughters hair (got it today for the first time!!)

The way the stairs look after having been freshly shampooed

The taste of pickle and cheese sandwiches (a special thanks to Wendy Malan for introducing me to them ten years ago--yes, I'm still eatin' them!)

The absence of things in those tiny clutter spots through the house

A freshly bathed and fed nine-month-old fast asleep and on clean bedding

A balanced checkbook

Minty-fresh and clean toilets

The laughter and fascination of my two toddlers and their excitement over bugs, weeds, and piggyback rides

Soft chairs and the sore feet to gratify them

Chowing down on food someone else has made (ahh...Carl's Jr, Taco Time, and Olive Garden, bless you this week!)

Catching the opening ceremony of the Olympics at 2 am today

The lovely feeling that came after realizing the grudge I'd held for two different folks had melted away. It feels almost cliche to say, but it's such a relief to not harbor ill feelings to these two anonymous folk from my ward (no one any of my readers would know). It went away after talking with them (not about anything remotely related to my feelings) and realized that I just didn't want to carry around those icicles any more. It was simple and wonderful to set the icicles down and allow them to melt!

That's about it for now...after all, the post was about the little things (the last thing mentioned was hardly a little one, in it's philosophical connotation or in its discourse, but I felt it was worth mentioning (so there, go stuff that in your pipe and smoke it, angry anonymous editor guy...or...whoever).