Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Car

On Thursday night, we bought a 2008 Mustang Coupe V6 with the Pony Package in black with a black leather interior. We purchased it from Larry H Miller Ford just of 13th south and I-15. Cory Bennion was the salesperson and we were able to obtain a significant discount as we are Costco members and own a 2005 Ford Freestar (customer loyalty cash).

It has been quite a while since I had a car that was a joy to look at and to drive (my Jeep Wrangler was the last one, traded it in back in 2003).

Distinctions for this package include; Pony grille, fog lamps, rear spoiler, 17" painted cast-aluminum wheels/bright rims and Z-branded tires.

This thing is amazing!

And for the goods, a tiny picture compliments of (nearly identical, albeit our Pony has the white trim down the side, not the bone colored).
Here's an open invite for my friends and acquaintances; call me up and we'll go for a drive!


Jarubla said...
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Jarubla said...

Revised for spelling

I just went for a short 35 min drive up to squaw peak and back. Yowza! The smoothness of this car is like riding on rails. It corners like a dream, it pulls mild g's and still feels solid. The only comparison I can make with it is to my $5000 s-works moutainbike I used to own. Dialed in, scalpel like, able to handle whatever I toss it's way (and I'll add one more cliche) and it begs for more.

Holy cow, this car is amazing. Go rent one for a day and you'll know what I am talking about. And remember mine's just the lil ol V6! There are crazy variants, like the Roush, Saleen, GT500, GT500KR, or FR500S...

Long live the Mustang!

By the way, Harley Davidson and Ford were both founded on 1903, hows that for 105 years of great stuff? Before the comments fly about how shiatty your Ford minivan was in 1996, my Freestar has been quite a nice machine. Point of fact it made me consider the Pony. Anyway, that's another rant for another post...


Jarubla said...

I've had the car for 8 days now, and still find excuses to drive it. What a blast on 4 wheels!

I will most likely spend a lot of time washing it to keep the paint all sparkly and clean. That black looks sharp, but it sure shows dust, dirt, and squashed bugs.

Shopgirl said...

That is sweet! So happy for you big bro! I loved going for a ride in it! It's beautiful!