Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Batman Tonight at 10:30 on the Big Screen...

The very Big Screen!

I am headed up to Jordan Commons to watch The Dark Knight on an Imax screen with two buddies from work. I have been pretty tired all week, getting approximately 5 hours of sleep per night, so this feels a bit impetuous and ill planned, but it's sure to be a fun outing. I am going up with a boss and colleague, and by the time the move is over and I am back in bed it will be 2 am. I work at 5.

I have taken two naps today, and so have really been banking a few hours. I just wanted to tell my wife, who reads my blog, and my brother, who doesn't peruse the internets save for online banking, thank you. Melissa for being excited for me to go, Dan for being willing to watch the kids for an hour before going out to party with his buddies.

I don't know exactly what I am anticipating in the film. I hope all the hype about Heath Ledger doesn't spoil it, the sheer Juggernaut of cash it has brought in thus far is astonishing, especially when compared against what the first film netted entirely.

Here's to hoping it will be a gem and worth the loss of sleep!



Melissa said...

I'm glad your boss was willing to let you take a half day the day after. And you are very welcome! Glad you had a good night out with the guys. :)

Shopgirl said...

That was too funny running into you as we were leaving Batman. I thought, that guy looks a lot like my brother...wait, that is Jay! hope you liked it. Wasn't Heath Ledger awesome in it? He played the character so well.

Sleep, who needs it?

Jarubla said...

"Who needs sleep? Well you're nver gonna get it..."

-Bare Naked Ladies

(Great song by the way)

:) Jay