Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Up To Date

This is going to be a posting designed to bring you up-to-date. Expect ramblings. Expect loose association, if any. Think of this as a journal entry.

Saturday before last I bought a couple of rock climbing walls from a fellow off ksl.com. He drive them down from Bluffdale at the song of $100 a pop, free shipping. I've wanted a bit of a rock climbing wall for a while now, and between the lumber, the screws, the holds, assembly and delivery the single Benjamin price tag seemed reasonable.

They've been great. Two weeks of climbing on them every day, two weeks of getting Melissa and Hyrum out there, two weeks of climbing exercise (which I normally don't get, seeing as how my exercise has been limited to a radius of 5 miles from home). The ability of going out to the garage for a short crank session is fantastic. The fact that Melissa can climb, Hyrum too--well that makes it downright priceless. Well, OK, maybe not in the literal terms of an ancient artifact, but valuable nonetheless.

The past three Saturdays I've been running. Ogden was the 17th, then the next Sat was a 3.25 loop by my house, the 31st the same loop. For some reason it just feels right to get out. So I continue, slowly running, breaking it up with sections of walking, no grand intentions involved. Exercise merely for the sake of exercise. It's nice to get out and do it.

Work is going pretty well--we're continually growing and learning new ways of helping our customers. We've gotten a new batch of hires this week (on Monday), and that alone is a challenge. But this group of folks seems pretty sharp so we'll see how they all fit in with the batch of Engineers we currently have.

I interviewed for a Team Manager position, a series of three interviews, ending in a pleasant talk with the Site Manager, Jeff. Cool guy, never felt the sort of camaraderie with the previous Site Manager. Will be finding out shortly how that shook down. The extra income would be fantastic (and that segues beautifully into my next section).

Melissa and I have been house hunting for months now. We have been a bit on-again, off-again as the price of the things is a bit scary as hell--we will either make an offer and get slapped by the owners (for a not-unreasonable offer nonetheless!), or be interested only to find we were beaten out by an earlier offer. We hae our eyes on a beauty of a home in our ward boundaries now, but even after getting an unofficial offer accepted, we're having second thoughts due to the sheer cost of a place. All those zeroes staring back from that paper may as well be gaping mouths of hell hounds for the amount of fear they instill.

Funny that, but it keeps on happening.

I'm not really intending to come off completely discouraged. There is a great fact in the truth that we will find our place, and with the debt to income ratio as a more balanced number.

This makes me think back to the whole income thing, and Melissa's job. She has been interviewing for a Supervisor position as well, one which would bring a $2.40 an hour raise. That's pretty dang significant. If I get a raise, and she gets a raise, well then. That's more money! Opens a whole set of doors to fight all those gaping maws of zeroes on the mortgage.

The kids are growing like crazy. Maddy and Hyrum are pretty much toilet trained, occasionally they'll have an accident if outdoors and having fun for an extended amount of time. They continually surprise me with what they say, how big they are, how much they love to be learning, exploring, and searching out bugs. Miles is rolling around all over the place and is eating lots of solid foods (both a bit of old news I'm afraid). He is such a smiley kid.

It's 6 am now, and I am tired...will probably go out to the break room and get a bite to eat from the vending machines.

See? I told ya this was going to be a rambling post.



Melissa said...

I like the rambling post... it's better than no post. ;) We will get the house we are meant to be in... I just know it! I know it can certainly get frustrating and scary though. Love you!

Jarubla said...

Thanks babe...especially encouraging today to me as I just now read this (Friday) and we just turned down our third offer.

It's been a great exercise in patience


Jen Jen said...

I HATED buying a house....it was such a rollercoaster of emotions. And your beautiful wife is right...you will get the house you are meant to be in. PATIENCE!! lol. Post some pics of that climbing wall...puhlease.