Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ogden Marathon Relay

I was able to run in the Odgen Marathon Relay on Saturday with Lynn, Karol & Dave Henry. My leg of the relay was the 4th section, from The Oaks restaurant down to the mouth of Ogden canyon. Melissa was to run the last 3 mile section, but she opted (smartly if I do say so myself!) to not run due to a sore back. I ran both of our assignments with my two untrained legs, cramping only in the home stretch.

I am not much of a runner, yet still enjoyed the experience. There is something fulfilling in physical activity that wrings me out, leaving me exhausted. And those 8.2 miles wrung me out pretty well.

The humbling thing for me was feeling hammered and stumbling around the "Welcome Runners" area at the end of the race while many of the solo runners were laughing and having a party. It took me 50 minutes to feel some semblance of normalcy, after a visit to the loo (which had no TP incidentally) and a hot shower at Connie and Earl's house. By the time I threw a leg over my motorcycle and pulled onto the street in front of their house, (nearly running into and scaring the death out the blue haired lady driving, due to my tired legs) I was ready to be home.

I rode back to Orem from Ogden in 50 minutes (no freeway closures, yay!), stopping in at Timpanogos Harley Dealership in Orem to say hello to my younger brother Dan who just got a job there last week & to schedule a 1000 mile maintenance. I got home and hobbled in to be with Melissa and the kids, and have been hobbling around for the past two days. This morning is the first day that stairs haven't about killed me.

The parts of my body which (still) hurt from the run:
right heel
left pinky toe (was still numb yesterday)
trapezius muscles.

The moral of this story? Running in an event requires training. But then again, that'd ruin half the fun. I would be rid of that key element of suffering!


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