Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Whirl of Emotions

I am sitting at home with Hyrum and Maddy playing in the front room and Miles in his bouncy chair (with one leg held up in the air and his usual three fingers in his mouth) sitting beside me. After the wash of emotions I experienced yesterday today feels quiet, serene. Melissa is truly at work now, and the babies and I have the afternoon to ourselves. We'll probably head to the Harley Shop to exchange a shirt for a larger size (an unfortunate truth I've accepted about being 30--hah!), then perhaps mosey on over to Cabela's to pick up a fishing pole and a license.

Yesterday Melissa had me completely fooled about a surprise birthday party. She was supposed to work from 6 to 12 at one of her store weekly crops (an event where folks get together for a scrapbook party), and even rushed off leaving a cake freshly done which was supposed to be for the trip to Grandma Jensen's on Saturday.

Earlier in the day, Melissa and I went to eat sushi at one of our favorite places Sushi Ya. I'd been planning on doing this for months for my birthday lunch, and the food did not disappoint.I even texted Dan to tell him I wished he was there to join me. Dan is a sushi buff too, and the last time Melissa and I went out to sushi was with Dan. We ate so much I nearly hurled, and it was all because any leftover uneaten pieces would have to be paid extra for. What a great memory. The image of Dan dry heaving on his umpteenth piece of yellowtail is burned into my memory. 

If you ever go to the restaurant on 1400 South State in Orem, don't be fooled by the older slightly run down facade. The building may need a fresh coat of paint and few weeds pulled, but the fare is top notch. Their food has a great reputation, and they always had people sitting to eat their fantastic rolls when we've gone in.

I will be honest, I felt mopey all afternoon after the sushi trip. I took a nap as I had a bit of a headache (I had donated plasma in the morning...I know...I know, on my birthday--but hey, $35!), and when I woke, I asked Melissa if she minded that I went to look at guns at VanWagenens By the mall. She knew I was in a bit of a bummed mood and let me go while she was making my cake.

The drive down to VanWagenens was intereiitng, I listened to Arrow 103.5 on the way down (It's been my favorite station for about 7 years now), and was really touched by Kansas' song Dust In The Wind. I've heard it probably twenty times before, but for some reason the fragility of it came across to me today. Most likely because I realize that my youth is fully over now (isn't it odd to think of 20's as still in "youth").  Life passes by so quickly!

I looked at 22 caliber pistols (I'm considering a Walther P22 or a Ruger Mark III), as I want something fun to shoot for plinking cans. After hanging out in the pawn shop for about :30, I picked up and headed home, Van Halen blasting on the radio of the Suburban.

After getting back, I helped Melissa get ready for work, cleaned up a bit, and called my brother Dave and my father in law Lynn to see if they'd want to hang out with me. Dave said he'd come over and work on my bike with me, Lynn said he needed help with moving a piano at the church for a meeting.

Lynn came over, we hung out and talked guns for a bit, and then we headed over to the church. Little did I know when he opened the door into a darkened gym I would be jumping nearly out of my skin! One of my nephews, Curtis, reminded me of gollum from Lord Of The Rings with his no-holds-barred, leap-from-the-shadows approach. I nearly soiled myself in surprise at the ensuing clamor when the lights flipped on.

The people there:

Melissa, Hyrum, Madolin, and Miles
Darren & Anna, Blair, Tanner, Josh and Madison
Dave & Toma, Colton, Brody, and Reanna
Lynn & Karol
David & Kara, Xander, Maxton, Griffin and Aubriana
Chip & Michelle, Curtis, Lauren, Carter and Caden
Bob, Becky and Savannah
Jody & Beth, Taylor and Mason
Oden & Shirley
Rod & Mom
Connie, LuAnn & Ranette called me from Hawaii during the party to wish me a happy 30th!

The night stretched from 7:15 on to nearly 10:30. I talked, laughed, played a little basketball, tied balloon ribbon on all my nieces and nephews under 5 feet, and had a great night. Thanks to Melissa's stealthy organizational skills, everyone made it my best birthday ever. 

I just wanted to thank everyone for such a great night; for their kind words and gifts, their presence both actual and virtual, and the outpouring of love I felt.

Here's to the next 100 birthdays!



Shopgirl said...

That was a fun surprise party! I'm also glad you didn't soil yourself. You would have given us a surprise too. I'm glad I got to be there, and I'm glad you are my big bro. love you!

wolf family said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry we missed the party but Jeff is still in TX! Hopefully we can get together when he gets home (in about another week)

Jen Jen said...

happy birthday Jay! you have such a cute wife to do all that for you. Oh and remember costco sushi....hahah. Hey you tale sushi where you can get it sometimes.

Jarubla said...

Beth, Happy to oblige on the non-soiling. I did poo my pants once, it was not a pleasant experience

Amber, We need to hang out! Jeff can teach me some of those new ninja skills he's learning

Jen, Costco sushi! I remember that...I remember being so hungry and everyone chipping in like a buck or six and wishing there was like a hundred pieces to eat. LOL

ANDREA said...

i feel like such a crap crappy friend- here i sit just on the other side of the room from you, and I didnt even realize it was your birthday. what a lowsy friend- I'm sorry. and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you got Punk'd and that that made your birthday great