Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ran/walked on the treadmill just a moment ago. 
I've got a relay section in the Ogden Marathon coming up in 1 month and I am in no shape to speak of. 'Sides that I've been feeling tired lately and have been having headaches. 
Exercise helps me to feel better. 
I stepped off the treadmill five minutes ago and wanted to log an entry about being out of shape. Just to illustrate my point, consider that I used to go for 20 mile pedal bike rides for fun. 
Today I did:
22 minutes
1.22 miles
At least it a start...


Shopgirl said...

Good job! I'm getting back into running. We should do a 5k together this summer, Bro! Come do the ponyexpress days with me in June! Chip and Bex are doing a half marathon in Sept. if you are up to it.:)

Melissa said...

You did much better than I would! You at least ran some. ;) You can do it!