Monday, April 21, 2008

The Power of Music Association

My shift is from 5 am to 1:30 pm. So by the time I come in, I am hiting the back end of the Grave guys shifts.

Today, one of my colleagues named Greg was playing some music. Nothing too unusual to note, considering Greg loves music and often has it playing (and also millions of people all over the U.S. own iPods). The interesting thing from this morning was my reaction to two of the songs he chose to play.

I heard "Wipeout" by The Fat Boys (1987), and "Mmmbop" by Hanson (1997). These two songs are some I haven't heard for years. They're also songs I have some serious memories of. "Wipeout" was one I remember from grade school--I remember watching the music video on MTV, and I remember a friend talking about how cool it was. This same friend Gabe had a vivid imagination, and he swore he'd seen a "special edition" of the music video had naked girls sunbathing on it. We watched the video a dozen times and never saw his "special edition". "Mmmbop" just completely reminds me of my younger brother Dan. He was a skinny young kid (just like the Hanson brothers)that year after I graduated from High School, and I look back on those weird popular music years (think ChumbaWumba if you doubt me) with some nostalgia.

I even texted Dan this morning to send him a message about how the Hanson song reminded me of him. Hopefully he won't be offended, instead I hope he'll laugh and remember some old times. It'd be even better if he makes an association with the song and shares it with me.

To me, this is what music is all about...the memories. And with almost any song I can remember people, places and times.

Is that crazy?



Paul M. said...

Funny you should mention Chumba Wumba, Jay, because their music reminds me of you. (As does Dishwalla, Third Eye Blind, and a whole bunch more distinctly "Jay" music.)

(psst, I tried to email you but you never responded. Email me or let me know which account you don't ignore, eh?)

Melissa said...

LOL! You know I'm going on youtube right after I post this to listen to Mmmbop and find that music video you are talking about. ;) I used to think the Hansen brothers were soooo cute. Although, their music was not at all very good, if I remember correctly. You sent me down memory lane too. Thanks, babe.

Jen Jen said...

i am the same way. songs totally remind me of people and certains times. so my question is, what song reminds you of me? hahah

riotimus said...

When I was a young fellow I liked to listen to music while I read. While I was reading the Prydain Chronicle by Lloyd Alexander I listened to Beauty and the Beat by the GoGos and Hysteria by Def Leppard. Consequently whenever I hear songs off of those albums I find myself unexpectedly reliving certain scenes in those books. Funny stuff that.


Gretschzilla said...

I think this happens to everyone who is affected by music. Great post. Hansen rules.

Gretschzilla said...

I guess it's Hanson. My bad.

Servidores said...
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Jarubla said...

I navigated to my blog this am and saw...gasp! 7 comments on a posting! Bliss! Come to find out one of the posted comments is for a troll.

Servidores, thakns but I am not in the market for a server!


ANDREA said...

jay- oh man- just a couple weeks ago i downloaded a bunch of 90s music- i love it. but i couldnt bring myself to download chumba wumba- it has memories attached..but its just too much only meant for the 90s. oh well. anway- music is the most amazing thing to me. i love that just listening to a song can change your mood, take you to another place, bring back whirlwinds of memories and in a way control your emotions. its powerful- and i LOVE music.