Monday, March 31, 2008


Today, I feel for ya. I can actually feel for your statement a few days ago about winter still being around. Blech...

One look out the window today, especially if it were a look taken earlier this morning would have shriveled the most stalwart spring soul. The wind was blustery, the piles of snow on the car consolidated and crunchy, and the roads icy. As I was chipping the snow from my windshield this morning, and vainly trying to warm my pinchingly numb fingers, I realized how silly the situation was. "It's supposed to be spring!" I yelled in frustration. My spittle flew and my face went beet red.

OK, well maybe not. But I sure wanted to.

I finally got the car scraped and warmed up, then tried to turn onto the street I take to work, but was stymied by a solid stream of creeping cars. Each occupant was driving 8 miles an hour, an unspoken prescription, with a precisely spaced braking distance between them. My turn on 12th north, usually navigated in a blink, took almost two minutes. My fellow commuting brethren, bogged down by the ice, crept along in a steady stream. Thankfully I was able to merge in a gap, and wend my way to the office.

Old man winter fought back today. The gloves were thrown off in this 11th round of fighting, and we had a seeming relapse in the progression of the equinoxes.

And tonight we're slated for a low of 21 degrees. This appears to be a longer match than I anticipated. I shouldn't have put all my money on the kid in the green shorts. The old guy in white has a left hook that's just plain nasty. He can send ya reeling when you're busy sniffing the daffodils.

Although, this makes me glad I've procrastinated planting the garden. It also makes me hungrier for days of blue and green, birds and warm air and BBQ.

Someone once told me that if you can't talk about anything else, at least you can talk about the weather. Today's post is evidence of that.

And on a final note, how about that sunshine today! If you're like me (part plant), you need to go outdoors and soak a little of it up. The last few days have been overcast, and if you can, get out to see a little partly cloudy blue sky. That is, if you can bear windburned cheeks--just don't blame me if you misinterpret my behest and get put in jail for streaking :)


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Paul M. said...

Last time you wrote about the weather I complained, and this time I'm going to gloat... I'm St George golfing all week! Haha! :)