Thursday, March 13, 2008


My children are twin to birds they
wake with the sun each day and
call with voices loud for food

Their souls arch larger than their
tiny bodies can dream to hold and
run along with feet as fleet as wings

They gather bits of paper, then
build colored nests of their making and
feather our rooms with their gatherings

But the embyonic bird of all they
rests in doubly volant parents, true
indigenous builders of their nest

Nature flows to nature, then
egg and apple, form to form
a hatchling call to parent breast



Lara said...


Jarubla said...


Lara, I will have to beg ambiguity on this one. Think of it as a puzzle. People like puzzles. Just go ask Sudoku. He used to be an old lonely hermit that no one cared about. Then he went all Hollywood and started getin' all Lindsay Lohan on us. What a jerk. I knew him back before he got all cool. Back when he was just a plain old puzzle that people tried to figure out.