Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What the Hell?!?

I asked myself this while driving home today. I was thinking specifically of my experience at PCCI plasma, a few moments earlier, but my epiphany is applicable to just about any experience I've had with the medical professions. "Now see here!" You might say, all in a huff, uppity and ready to shoot down my theory with  how great Dr. Soinso is. Really. But in truth I have had my worst customer service experiences of all with apathetic medical insurance reps, front desk nurses, and Dr's. 

Bar none, the medical industry needs a myopic overhaul and a hypothetical kick in the hypothetical arse. 

Today I sat in the waiting room of my local cash cow, PCCI Plasma, for twenty minutes before they told me I couldn't donate. Now, granted, I should have remembered that I could only donate twice every 7 consecutive days (not calendar), but for crying out loud, I signed in the register right as I walked in, and the one lady behind the counter didn't even look at my file for twenty minutes, guaranteed

Don't get me started about the insurance fiasco I've been dealing with for the past three months. HMO's are fine if no hitches occur, be ready to dance with the devil in Hell if otherwise.

This wouldn't fly in my industry. IT is renown for requiring fast and adept customer service, the businesses who can't cut the mustard find themselves at the end of a breadline. And faster than you can say "damn skippy" too.

So why is it we can't do the same with the medical industry? Why is it that we all expect the hour long wait time in the lobby, the shit service from the HMO, and the proverbial ring fighting we will have to go through to get our claims paid? Where is the option for us to say "screw you" and go somewhere else? 

The first issue has to do with our HMO's--we get company negotiated deductibles and in-network discounts to go to certain doctors (I do have to insert here that Dr Glenn Payne is a damn fine Dentist, and Dr Young a damn fine OB). The rub is that we have no negotiating power to tell them to piss off if they don't meet up to our expectations. We have to take what they dish out, because baby, we're all just a bunch of stooges without any negotiation power. Our negotiation power works in the HR department and goes home at 5. 

I have no solution tonight, but wish that I did. I wish there were a 'Wal Mart' of the health industry who could blast in, break up the 'Good ol boy's' club, and shake the shit out of the service in the medical industry. Then they'd have to change. Because every place that offers mediocre service at a premium price would have to offer something more to get my Almighty dollar. And in America, in most industries, the dollar is God. 

And in God we trust.



Jen Jen said...

I completely agree...our health care system sucks balls!! I don't like Michael Moore but he really does have a point about our health care. AND IM GOING INTO HEALTH CARE!!! I do believe that I will be a "damn fine" nurse but something seriously needs to be done about our country's health care system.

ANDREA said...

agreed and amen to alllll of it. Youre such a great writer. Sometimes I don't understand ALL the words- but its still fun to read.

And by the way- I bought those headphones the other night and they are SO AWESOME!!!! My husband wants to go get some too.
so i guess i owe you cookies now, that will not have spit in them.