Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My new iMac part II

Tonight I installed OSX Leopard and ustilzing the Bootcamp program, also loaded a (legitimate, thank you very much) copy of Windows XP Pro. This stuff is amazing!

The first thing I noticed about running XP on an iMac is that the graphics are sharper. What a nice piece of machinery! Secondly, setup was a helluva lot faster, with Bootcamp taking me through relatively easy (just remember to choose NTFS--when installing, OSX chooses FAT32, and the installation later on doesn't like that choice--took me an extra hour to figure that out on my own. I'm stubborn, stubborn). The best thing about it is the ease with switching between the two OS's. It is a piece of cake! The absolute coup de gras is that I get the giggles every time I boot into Windows on my iMac. It is soooooo cooool. I don' think I will own another PC. Why should I when I can own two in one?!?

It made me think of a new Mac commercial too. So much so that I emailed Apple about their amusing (if a bit snobbish, I'll admit that) commercials and suggested a new one. So if you see it on TV, lil ol' Jay was the acumen behind the new brilliant commercial. 

Here's a copy of the email I sent:


I am a recent switcher from the Windows universe. I just bought a 20" iMac and love it. I am planning on a MacBook or MacBook Air purchase within the next 12 months as well. 

I started with OSX Tiger and just installed Leopard. The Bootcamp program kicks butt! I have XP Pro and was planning on keeping a Windows machine around for apps that we don't use all that much, but realized today after configuring the dual boot and setting up XP, that the OS runs so much better on the Mac platform. 

This led me to an idea. I am a huge fan of the Mac commercials. Why not show a commercial for Bootcamp? Show Mac and PC, but this time have another "cooler" PC standing behind Mac (both of them opposite "square" PC). Once PC has a serious case of de ja vu, Mac will, in his ever hip and nonchalant way introduce the fact that he can run PC natively and faster too. At that point ["cooler"] PC can chime in, and we could see him in a "Mac persona", definitely much more laid back (the tie loosened, contacts versus eyeglasses, and *gasp* maybe a colored shirt or a pink tie), a more productive, and fun loving guy. 

Man oh man, if you guys could shoot this I would be in cloud nine. I could brag about it for years. And the thing is, it would be the absolute truth. 

Thank you, 
Jay Blair
Orem, UT"

So remember folks, you got the poop scoop here first. And someday I'm gonna be all rich and famous because Apple's gonna try to hire me into advertising. Booyah!


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