Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dan In Real Life

Melissa and I went on a date Tuesday night. We hit Zuppa's for their Lobster Bisque, Chipoltle Chicken salad, and a couple of grilled panini sandwiches. Talk about great food! The little bistro is one of our favorite places to drop by for a bite. They're located by Olive Garden in Provo, and with the location being in close proximity to BYU and UVU, the place is always crowded. However, it is worth it as all the food I have ever eaten there (in the half-dozen visits) is excellent.

But I digress. I meant to write a quick blurb here about one of the best movies I've seen in the last 12 months. Dan In Real Life was a shocker to me. I missed all the hype surrounding it (if any), and had no idea about the story. Instead I felt myself being sucked in to Steve Carrell's performance. It was hillarious, believable, easy to identify with, and oh so heartbreaking. This was the key to the movie, and the essential point of buy-in. The characters were believable. His family felt like my own, and his hopes, sadness, and determination to see it all through were identifiable.

Irony steeped through the whole movie. Here is this middle aged guy, a widower w/ 3 daughters, a columnist giving advice, and he is struggling to keep it all together himself.

The humor in the movie was suprisingly subdued--if you have seen Carrell before, you know he is a funny, funny man. This humor was well designed, but didn't feel like a machination. It felt fresh and unseasoned, tenable and possible. I laughed out loud continuously, and several times slapped my knee like an old guy. I know, I know...

In short, go watch the thing for yourself. And you have already seen it, go watch it again. It is a gem in the rough. You won't regret it.

As for this blogger, he is going to add the DVD to his library when it comes out.



Paul M. said...

This is the second recommendation I've gotten from friends, so I think we'll have to find a way to watch that.

Kara said...

I loved it too! I knew I would probably like it, but it was so fresh and funny.

ANDREA said...

Ugh- I still havent seen it...and Ive been wanting to ever since the previews.

And PS sir- I love the change in template and the larger font. Im not as blind as Todd Lousiana- but I could hardly read the fonts before!! :)

Jen Jen said...

I love this movie. So many people told me that it sucked and I watched it thinking it was going to but seriously loved it! It kind of brings up memories of growing up with my dad as a single parent.