Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Got One!

So...we got one!

I went down over my hour-long lunch break and braved the 2 million Utahns who were all stuck in the University Mall parking lot. I made it to the Simply Mac store, and a bare 15 minutes later, they'd run Melissa & My app, gotten the paperwork together (did I mention 12 months interest free?), and I was walking out the door with a 20" 2.4 Mhz iMac. And I was only 9 minutes late back from lunch.

Wow this thing is a beauty.

I am debating opening the box here at work, I'd really like to have Melissa present, and perhaps snap a few pictures to mark the occasion.

Looks like I'll wait then. So it's off to the break room to get extra napkins for me, as I plan on salivating constantly for the next 2 hrs 10 minutes until I'm home and can open this big ol box. :)



Jen Jen said...

I remember getting my mac...hmmm sweet! I could have sworn you were in that class with me???

Paul M. said...

Pretty. We're considering replacing our home PC with one of those when this one kicks the bucket.

But, I hate to burst your bubble, Macs aren't inherently more secure--hackers just target them less frequently. But times, they are a changin'!