Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seriously Out Of Shape

I was able to go snowboarding with two of my brothers (Dave and Dan) and a few of their buddies yesterday. We all piled into my burgundy Suburban and I drove us to the Salt Lake Valley/Big Cottonwood Canyon and finally to Brighton Ski Resort.

We were participating in a Quad Wednesday, a promo the resort runs a few days in December to gather food and clothing items for the homeless. Yesterdays promo was to bring a hat, gloves or a blanket, and get an all-day lift pass for $14. I love riding at Brighton, and look forward to the trip each winter--even at $55 a ticket. So the chance to get in a ride some of Utah's best hills at a reduced price was too great to pass up. I brought two Utah Jazz beanies purchased from Walmart, and happily paid my $14 to ride the lifts. And ride them we did. I believe we got in 16 runs, despite the hour-long break for lunch.

Dave and Dan are speed demons. I like to cruise and take my time, more of a moderate speed kind of guy. The snow was perfect, fast and smooth, even where it had ben chopped up by the masses or populated by moguls. Our cold weather these past weeks has been keeping it from melting and forming any ice chunks, instead, it is perfectly granular and consistent, infact it felt absolulely ideal. The powder under the trees was deep and unconsolidated seeing as it's still early in the year. I got to enjoy some of that (mostly getting stuck and hiking out of it) but the most enjoyable of all was the corduroy. The grooming was perfect, and surprisingly, we got to cut into it well into the morning before the crowds showed up. What a gift.

The only downer of the day was my legs. I am out of shape, and the last 7-8 runs of the day really wreaked havoc on the ol' lower half. In fact, after the snowboard trip, I was sore to the point that lifting my legs felt stiff. I hobbled around for the remainder fo the evening, and today the effect still lingers in my calves. Alas for the sedentary nature of a desk job!

Here's a parting shot, a nice bit of corduroy to illustrate for you what I got to ride. The picture is nabbed off the web, as I went sans camera yesterday. This stuff is so fun to ride on, especially when it isn't icy! :)


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had fun and that the snow was so ideal! That picture actually makes me wish I could go skiing once this year. Alas, nursing and Miles being so small is keeping me from that. Maybe next year. ;)

Shopgirl said...

I wish I knew how to ski/board. All the guys in the fam go, so why not the sisters? I want to learn. Mel, we will start the girls side! Maybe next year ;)