Thursday, December 27, 2007


Melissa messaged me today a little frustrated. She couldn't figure out where her photos were which she'd uploaded from her Minolta 5D yesterday. I was at a loss to advise her, as I am new to the iMac, so I tried to help by steering her to the Apple support discussion forum. We poked around a bit, and after still not quite knowing how to retrieve the iPhoto file (it was grayed out, FYI), we gave up.

Thankfully she called in another resource and utilized a friend on her scrap booking forum to find the solution.

What I realized, sitting here, was that I have been thinking of the iMac as a cure-all. The Windows-controlled market is a bit of a one-sided bog. The Windows machines constantly need patches, get attacked by hackers/worms/trojans and as result are usually monitored by resource stealing virus software. I have been using PC's exclusively for almost a decade, and felt ready for a new option.

The mac is happening. Don't believe me? Just watch the commercials. They pit a young hip guy representing the new computer company against a balding forty-something of rotund stature. And the bald guy is a bit slow and out of touch. The hipster in jeans outhinks his pin-stripe suit of an adversary. And he doesn't even break a sweat while doing it.

Who would you rather be? Exactly.

The problem here for Melissa and myself is the learning curve. And it may mitigate some of the advantages for a little while. I anticipate more conversations like today's to occur over the next four weeks. A sort of toe-stubbing while fumbling-in-the-dark experience.

Again, take today for example. I had no idea how to fix Melissa's issue. I also realized that we'll have to fork a little cash out for Mac versions of Office, Quicken, and Photoshop. Not to mention a RAM upgrade. Oy! And to add insult to injury, I still have dry skin! This is not quite the theriacal cure I had hoped for.

Still, I am happy to have the new computer. And this one does seem to have a touch of the fantastic about it. The display is a dazzling 20". The case is sleek, as is the keyboard. And the speed of the thing, even with it's 1 GB of RAM, is astounding. From the moment it's powered on until I hit the desktop feels like a millisecond. Much faster than my Windows boot.

I am however irritated by the mouse. It doesn't track even close to the way my Windows mouse does! I end up feeling like I am picking it up and trying to nudge the cursor along. I have to be quite deliberate at times to get the mouse to move. Not like a Windows box at all in that regard.

The second biggest beef is with the OS layout--it's still a bit foreign to a MS trained monkey like me. Besides the mouse, the only real complaint I have is the strangeness of trying to find files.

Hopefully that will wear off in a few weeks.

All in all, I am satisfied. I do wish I could work out how to get the mouse to be more responsive, and I wish I could get rid of this itchy dry winter skin. :)

The iMac may not own all the attributes to qualify it as a panacea, but I will admit I still get a smile on my face just by looking at it.


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