Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Computer Dreams...

So. I am ready to migrate from Winderz to OSX. Melissa and I have been wanting an iMac for about a year. We love our iPods, love the idea of not having to deal with spy/malware, and it's time for a new comp. Granted, we could get by for another year or so with the Dell Inspiron 9200, but it's three years old and a bit slow, even with the 2 gig memory upgrade shot-in-the-arm I gave it.

S L O W. And don't even get me started about Vista.

We're trying to decide which model iMac to buy. I am thiking the 20" 2.4 Mhz, just because the processor is a bit nicer, the hard drive is bigger, and the video card is 256 MB instead of 128 MB. The down side I read is the video card on the 20" 2.4 is the Pro instead of the XT (but, as I just discovered, none of them, except for the 20" 2.0 come with that XT). I believe the difference may be a non-issue for what we're going to do with it.

I just called up our local Apple store, and they are running the 12 months interest free promo starting today (we were expecting it to begin Monday). I am going to go down over lunch and see if I can walk out with the 2.4 or 2.0 20" machine.

I will post pictures later!



AspenLeaf said...

Okay, I'm jones-ing for one of these in a big way, but I gotta save money for the Harley. I'll just come over and use yours for awhile.

Jarubla said...


Come on over and use it anytime! You are always welcome...