Saturday, December 29, 2007

I like my ipod a lot. The fact that I can carry my entire music collection with me in my pocket is mind boggling. I used to carry my CD player with me when I'd ride my MTB, swapping out discs as I went. Now it's just a button push and a spin of the click wheel and I am on my next album.

My only beef was the headphones. They made my ear canal hurt after about 30 minutes. Not anymore! I bought a pair of Skull Candy Ink'd Smokin' Buds isolating earbuds and am just amazed at the repsonsiveness. I can run the volume at 10% and the bass is responsive and crisp. The amazing thing is that these were only $14.99 (I scored a pair during Christmas sale for Melissa for $9.99!). They sound like they should be ten times that. Simply amazing. The last time I got value like this...I can't even remember. To top it all off, their warranty is bar none. If you break them--pull a cord off, ruin one of the speakers, step on them, they will be replaced. Simply amazing!

The only bad thing I have found with them is that you will not be able to hear anything else going on around you. :)

Here is their website--they make many other models. Go and peruse and remember who told you!

FYE Superstore has them for $14.99. I suggest you go by and pick up a pair if you are an ipodiophile like myself. They are worth it.



Melissa said...

ipodophile? That almost sounds like it would be a BAD thing. lol. I agree... they are amazing and worth paying full price for too. Almost as good as their sound quality, mine are PINK! :)

CwazyLawa said...

Happy New Years to you and your wife and kids!

Jarubla said...

Thanks Lara!


Jen Jen said...

i so need to get some. the ipod ear phones always fall out and hurt my ears..

Shopgirl said...

I'm going to go and buy some this week! They will make being on the treadmill easier! Thanks!

ANDREA said...

The ipod ones always fell out and they hurt too and the ones i have now KILL MY ear. In fact- I cant even put the right one in, it instantly hurts. I am toootttaallly going to get some. If they are as amazing and wonderful as you say- I will bring you cookies. And I agree with your wife- ipodophile...sound too much like you should be molesting young children. dont use it again- or i will SPIT in your cookies.

Jarubla said...

No spit in the cokies plz. Tho I do like the mini reeses in cookies...yum.

I have the headphones w/ me today, mebbe I will wander over to your desk and have ya try them--I will make sure they are free of earwax first k?