Friday, November 23, 2007

Up To Date

I ran into Nate Harris at Walmart on Wednesday--Dan and I were getting some stuff for Thanksgiving, and I paused while a tall guy was leaning over to pick some groceries out of his cart while balancing a toddler on his hip. It was Nate.

We talked for ten minutes while we stood in front of the automatic doors, directly in front of the empty carts, directly in front of the carts the customers wanted. I realize now that we must've been in the way, but no one commented on it. And we talked.

It was nice to catch up, I haven't seen Nate since Paul's Birthday party some three years ago up South Fork. It was the same old Nate, and yet not. I think time does that to us--keeps us the same boys we were, yet adds to us. Makes us more responsible, develops us, makes us older.

Dan and I said our goodbyes, Nate and Landon headed for home, and Dan and I to brave the crowds in the store for pie ingrdients and potato chips.

Thanksgiving was nice, we had it at Anna and Darren's house in Mapleton. Their house is enormous, and I was able to retire with a book to the basement and a blanket and enjoy several quiet moments of tyrptophan induced reading. My two mobile babes ran and played with their cousins, the littlest slept upstairs where Melissa worked knitting a rug. The sounds of Hyrum and Madolin playing with the other cousins are fresh enough now, a night later, that I still can hear them.

Today has been thankfully quiet. I've tidied up my case backlog here at work, and enjoyed reading some two hundred fifty pages. I will admit that I turned to my ipod to drown out the conversation of my co-workers (which I find exasperating as trhey debate round and round in cirlces), the music tending tot he softer tones--The Tanhall Weavers, Enya, symphonic.

And now I begin the last fifteen minutes of my shift. Two more days of work, hopefully quiet and passing as this one was.

The title alluded to e catching up on news, as Nate requested in part of our conversation, so I'll stab at it once more. Melissa and Miles are doing well, albeit Melissa and I are sleeping less having to adjust to Miles' two-hour appetite. We are excited to have our family grow, and are still adjusting to the idea of being outnumbered. Hyrumis drawing/cutting/taping everything he can get his hands on. Madolin is fast becoming the princess of the manor, and absolutely loves to copy everything her older brother does. Both kids enjoy holding Hyrum, and often ask to do so. He is going to ahev to fight for a cratyon in our house, but he will be loved by his siblings.

Work is going well, I have been here four months. I have also re-started selling plasma at PCCI, behind Sizzler in Orem. It's nice to have some cash on hand and see a movie while doing it :)

Time to go home and then to a movie. Looks like we're going to watch Enchanted. The animated/live action movie about fairy tale folk exiled to the real world.

Funny, but it feels like today should be Monday, what with yesterday being a day where the family all got together. It was really nice to see them all in the same house, it's been months since. We all may not agree with the same politics, religion, or what have you--but we all love one another. And all of us being together for dinner is the best thing I could have asked for.


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