Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tomorrow Melissa goes in to be induced. The 5th member of our little family is going to be joining us in the world! We've decided on Miles Daniel Blair for his name, and both of us are decidedly ready to see how little Miles looks. I for one hope he looks like his mommy. :)

Will he have the mischievous grin like Hyrum? Will he have the cute little nose and full lips of Mommy? One thing is for sure, he will inherit the exuberance and over abundance of energy of daddy. Both of our kids now inherited it, Miles is slated to be no exception. That is unless Heavenly Father wants us to have another...He could give us a mellow child. Oh who am I fooling. I will take them and love them any way they want to come.

Seriously though, the anticipation is killing me. Melissa and I both express it in different ways. Melissa worries a lot, and I clean a lot. Between the two of us, there is not a speck of dirt in the house, or a scenario that hasn't been puzzled out.

It isn't like we haven't done this before--this is baby number three, and should feel like old hat. But for some reason it doesn't. Perhaps it's the fact that for once, the parents are outnumbered by the children. Perhaps it's the idea that we'll not be able to feed, clothe, and shelter them all sufficiently. Perhaps it's the fact that every pregnancy is different, every opportunity to bring a new soul into the world a new unique moment.

And so we worry. And we clean. Antacid and cleaning rags are at a premium in the Blair household these days.

Miles Daniel Blair. It has a certain ring to it. He'll be named for his Great Grandpa Miles Stephens (and also his Grandpa Lynn Miles Stephens), and his middle name is going to be after my bigger-than-me younger brother Daniel Bruce Blair. He was going to be Miles Teancum Blair, middle name after one of my heroes from The Book of Mormon, who was a champion of liberty, but this naming of him after my younger bro just feels right. My brother is one of those people who when you meet him, you immediately like him. He is honest and open, has a gift for talking with people, and has one of the most giving hearts I have ever known (Dan never reads my blog, so I am no laying this on thick at all). He is one of my favorite people to be with (when I am not deciding to follow my true taciturn nature), and is truly on of my best friends (I really only have a mere handful--Melissa, he and Lynn).

Naming children is an extra special thing to me, and I know Melissa feels the same way. We are quite lucky, I suppose, in the way that we're mutually able to come to a name as easily as we do--Hyrum and Maddy and Miles' names all came in ways that are pretty special (not going to really talk about it here on this medium). Each time I hug them I know they are amazing little souls. I have such great hopes for each of them!

I'm here at work, whiling away the hours till tomorrow when we get to go to the hospital. Things have really come together for us in regards to insurance, I found out on Friday that I did have an option to elect coverage, including pregnancy, within the current time frame. It post dates a bit, so money will be tight for a month or two, but the major lump of the expense will be covered by the insurance. Truly amazing to me, and in the nick of time.

So, I'm excited and ready for little Miles Daniel to arrive. All the newborn stuff that was packed away has been re-opened and is ready for use. His bassinet is ready in our room, the car with a 3rd row of seating is in our driveway, and a little white tuxedo for his blessing has been laid out on the shelf by mommy's side of the bed. It's time to step out into the unknown and have a little faith in Heavenly Father. Time to let the family grow...



LuAnn said...

I can't wait to meet little Miles. I am so excited for your whole little family. I know he will be just as cute as Hyrum and Maddy.

Love you lots,

CwazyLawa said...

Saweet! Today is the day! So excited for you guys to meet Miles. LOVE the name! Hope your wife is feeling well!