Saturday, October 13, 2007

I just finished reading the tenth book in The Sword of Truth series. I could say so many things about these books, instead I will merely touch on a few of the themes. There's the juxstaposition of the horrors in them with the ideas of reason and goodness, the concept of doing good for goods-sake alone, and the idea that we choose who we are and define and defend that idea daily. Phantom, the latest (until Nov 13th, when Confessor is released) installment in the series is starting to tie up some of the loose strings. I wonder how Mr Goodkind will finish it. I'll suppose I'll find out in November. He has created some fine characters.

I heard some sad news. Some of you may know that I have been reading a book series called The Wheel of Time. I was intruduced to the series by a colleague back in late 1997, and have read it numeous times. I have intruduced others to it, and followed the progress of the series through the years (I remember seeing it be read by a friend Stephanie Nelson back in 1992 in 6th grade). The sad news I heard is that Mr Robert Jordan, the author, passed away after fighting with cardiac amlyodiosis. His work, has affected fantasy writing on many levels. Much of what people believe to be terms used interchangeably in the genre were his brainchild. I still mourn the passing of a great literary mind. He died Sept 16th.

Not much else to say at the moment. Work is going well, I am learning (with a little help from Above) a whole lot at work. I am enjoying sucess at it. My family is prospering. My family is growing. Life is good. Now is a time for me to re-focus and strengthen, to re-evaluate and look to fortifying. And for that I am thankful.



Connie said...


That is absolutely the most adorable family pics. Makes me love Fall even more.


Jarubla said...

Thanks Connie!