Friday, September 28, 2007

My New Bike

So...I got a new motorcycle. Yup, I am a bit crazy. Yup, the one I had before was just fine. But now I have a smile on my face like I'm a four-year-old with a shiny brand new penny in his pocket and narry a cloud in the sky.

Melissa is amazing and supportive about my passions and interests, defending them as she would defend her own, and I in turn do the same for her. It has always seemed this way to me for us, that we bend together in the winds of change, adapt, grow, learn. On top of that, my wife is one damn hot woman, and she is my best friend. And believe me that isn't the new motorcycle speaking.

I've had the flat black and chrome motorbike for nearly three weeks now, trading in my 2005 883C Sportster for an even exchange against what I owed, and I'm past the real giddy stage. I've never owned a brand spanking new vehicle before, never felt the break-in period of a new untouched, unspoilt engine. I've never breathed in the heady smell of an engine setting it's own rings while I was astride it. It is odd--a burning of something not quite exhaust, not quite oil, but something quite a bit more. Tangible. Intangible. It is found in heartbeat, viscera, dilation, wind, earth, fire, steel, chrome, rubber. It awakens some great sense of freedom and flying, something imbued into my bones at an age where I learned to pedal a trike and then a bike, yet still speaks through this iron weight of ballance and speed.

So I do wax all philosophical about it. I do believe it is somewhat of a malaise, this passion for everything HD brand. My garage is being overrun by bars and shields. My closet overtaken by all these black and gray shirts. My bicycles slowly being sold off to be replaced by another bit or piece of something new, an accessory, a passion.

It really is like riding my mountainbike, or carving the perfect arc across the tarmac on my roadbike. The motorcycle slices through the turns, zooms around corners, rumbles, spits, and strolls, leaving me feeling akin and breathless, wondering at the vista life presents in the everyday. Revelations like this just don't happen much in a car (well, maybe if it were in a 2008 Black convertible SS Camaro, cruising down highway 1 on the oregon coast...). It must be the fact that it rolls on 2 wheels.

Wanna see it? Sure. I can get a picture posted for ya. I took a few back at home, but from work I will have to post up a link to one from the dub dub dub. A generic. Sure my bike is stamped with a serial number that is about 20 characters long, and was built by hands on an assembly line, but it's mine. And the fact that it's earned by my own sweat and labor, makes it mine again.

So it sits about 60 lbs heavier, about 12 inches longer, it's displacement about 800 cc's larger, and it's a heckuva lot more comfortable. The passenger seat is ready to rock for Melissa, no longer will her toosh be subjugated to a hardpan seat. It has a six speed tranny, is all blacked out, and is everything I liked about the Sportster (specifically handling and agility) and then some.
So that's about it. I once again must say my wife is most definately a babe. An uber-babe. Yes, maybe I am a bit biased, but I thought so quite clearly before she let me get an upgraded motorscoot. Now I know what a babe she is! And what a lucky stiff I am.


Jen Jen said...

Im so glad you commented so now I can stalk your blog!! I hope everything is going well for you! I miss everyone at nortel

CwazyLawa said...

JAY RUBLA BLAIR!!!!! How the heck are ya? I saw your comment on Jen's blog and couldn't believe it. Yay for you joining the ranks of the blogosphere! Come over and visit our blog sometime! Hope your cute family is well!

Jarubla said...

Thanks you two! It is crazy to hear from you both--congrats ont he big changes in your lives. Nursing school and a baby! You both sound like you are doing great!