Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's 00:14 & I Am Training.

Sitting here at work. The training module was shorter than anticipated and the other modules we don't have access to quite yet. Result? Webcrawling. I call it webcrawling because that is what I do--uninspired (for the most part) and weary dub-dub-dub trolling for things that interest. Ebay, HD, Apple, an author's site, news of the nights windstorm, anything to distract the fact that I'd rather be home in bed asleep. Or reading one of the novels I have from the Orem Public Library.

So I contrast the mundane moments I am currently lodged in with a day of involvement and movement.

Monday was Labor Day. Melissa and our little family met up with Grandma and Grandpa Stephens, and Dave and Kara and their kids, and we went to Thanksgiving Point to see a 3-D Dinosaur show and walk the Discovery Childrens gardens. The wading pool was pretty cool, check out Mestebla's Blog (the hyperlink is located to the left) for some fun pictures. We ate at Iceberg, a place I had previously only partaken a shake or two from (I had a pastrami burger and some fries both to die for, though the ambience was lacking--think peeling wallpaper, sticky floors, and a very dirty bathroom with loudly proclaiming signs that the lack of paper towels and TP was due to "customer misuse" and they weren't going to restock them--yup, punsih the normal folks who need to wipe their bums, just because you are cheap). Later the guys and gals split up to go to Cabelas and Ikea, and their respective interests. The fishtank was the coolest thing by far, some of those fish were monsters.

It was 4:30 when the Blair family got home, footsore and a tad sunburned, and all of us took a nap. I did some yard and housework, nothing really fantastic or frisky, and felt plain ol' satisfied with the days outcome.

It was a few hours later and Melissa pronouced a dictum on the days events--she mentioned how nice it was that we had gone out and done instead of allowing the day to slip by and mention at it's end with a sigh that we could've done something else. The key word in the thought being a verb, the resulting state of our day became a noun. Satisfaction.

Talk about a bit of juxtaposition, when slated against tonight's "training". Yes, I am a bit tired. Yes, the mug-shots on my colleagues computer from are funnier because of it. Yes, Monday was a great day. And it's days like that which I live for.

That and the resulting closeness of being with family all day and feeling like I want to be around Melissa, Hyrum and Maddy even more.

That's what it's all about.


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