Saturday, September 15, 2007

If Narcissus Were an Altruist...

It starts when we insinuate
and then we callously cachinnate
to spark life into all these bold words

Then we mockingly genuflect
around our own self-respect
really bowing and scraping to pride

We languidly masticate
as we verbally masturbate
and pompous, wrap mantles of airs

Oh really how we self efface
all sense snugly self replaced
Ho vision! Ho thought! Bid adieu...

Stay pride and steady tongue!
silence mouth's gaping bung
and wash 'way all hastily spoken words

Let Passion's coursier stay
teamed to Reason's implacable way
a bracered tandem of wills

And tongue and mind together
will stay the tiller through weather
lo wisdom and life's far shore!



Melissa said...

Jay, you are amazing. As I saw how quickly you "jotted" this down. You have a real gift for the written word. You can write me a poem anytime you want. ;) I love you!

Shopgirl said...

Wow, Jay. You've definately got talent.