Wednesday, September 26, 2007


If you, like me, picture David Bowie singing this song, then good on ya!

I am at work at the moment, enjoying a lul in the hubub of being a new engineer processing cases. NetApp is a fine company to work for, and I plan on learning about 1.6 billion new things in this position. At least...

I have so far trouble shot three different types of filers, and looked at things in perspectives with eyes freshly peeled to a new frequency of Mhz previously untunable to me. I feel as if I have been rewired in my thinking of system operability, and given a firmware upgrade if you will.

This past weekend Melissa, the kiddles and I were able to spend a few days in Hyde Park helping Beck & Bob to move in and hanging out with Jim and Angie. It was a nice bit of R&R, and was a prime example of someone doing some half-split troubleshooting. Background: I flipped the A/C on my Suburban to full blast a month ago during an especially hot day and the thing just fizzled. I had no idea why, only knowing I'd checked that the charge on the refrigerant and it was full earlier in the month. I figured it was going to cost me about $200 to get it fixed. Boy was I wrong. Jim and I looked it over on Sunday, the weather being pretty rainy and us wanting to do something fun out in his 3000 sq foot shop (and a very droolworthy shop it is). He started to troubleshoot the issue, having me start with fuses and moving systematically along the line. We found out there had been a connector short out, and after the old one had been removed, a new one pinched on and wrapped in electrical tape, the fan turned right on. Moral of the story? A bit of brain power and a few minutes saved me $200 bucks. That is good troubleshooting.

So here I sit, at a desk, helping folks with filers that serve terrabytes of data at great expense. And I want to emulate Uncle Jim. His coolheaded approach to troubleshooting, his haf-split method of finding the problem, and his easy fix. That, my friends is a technician for you. Jim is a technician.

I don't have much more to say, not in this post anyway...I will post again soonish, updates tot he family are coming along, I have gotten a new Motorcycle, I have been reading like some sort of crazy person, and Melissa and I are considering a move to a new city. But for now, think about how you approach fixing something. Is it done in a logical manner? Can you try things that eliminate other possibilities? Together we can benefit one another in our troubleshooting skills.


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