Friday, August 10, 2007

So I am Job hunting.

Mostly because I am burt out on working graveyard shifts, but also because I believe the ensuing circus of rules and drama from an environment based on Union labor agreements is asinie. It creates and fosters hostility by pitting the Union leaders against the management and by creating odd rules like being able to file a greivance (for example, Joe called in sick to work and his 600 parcels still needed to be sorted. Betty has a different job description, but she did Joes work because the boss asked her to. When Joe comes back to work he can file a complaint, or greivance, because Betty was doing his work. Joe gets paid penalty money for the greivance as well. Talk about a tangled web). I also see 59-60 year old men who are retiring from the USPS from 30 years of clerk work. They walk about like cripples. No thank you. So, I hunt.

I went back to my old place of employ, and had two interviews. I also had a phone interview and may head back there, albeit not as a manager, but as a technician who troubleshoots (see ).

For an undegree'd lout like me, who is struggling in the throes of lower-median income, the USPS provides what Medicaid considers an "excess of income." Melissa and I tried to get Medicaid to cover the birth of our 3rd child, but they replied that with the OT I was working, it was not an option. It is a bit of a quandry then, as we still rent, yet trying to burst through the glass ceiling and get into a house keeps slipping away. "Have less babies" you might say. "Go back to school" you might knowingly chivvy. We are making progress. Gone is the Jay who would put something on credit, long gone after paying off each balance and burning each of those cards gleefully. In truth my better half and I are very close to becoming first time home owners. It just hurts when knowing the good old government teet is available for folks who make 5K less a year for covering the costs of L&D. Also, I believe more babies and schooling are in my cards. So boo!

Yes, I have been stressing out about it a little lately. And the job, and the hot apartment, and the tomatoes being picked (all of them) by my obstinate and very cute two year-old, and that I am being asked to be an assistant ward clerk, and that my landlord keeps baiting us along with promises to fix things, but never does.

Whew. That's a lot of pent up emotions. I feel better.

Thankfully, there are moments of beauty in all this ruckus. Like last night for example. My younger brother Dan and I rode our motorcycles over the Alpine loop at 1:30 this am. The milky way was so bright when we stopped at the summit trailhead that I could almost touch it. The date Melissa and I went on on Wednesday night, a movie at PTC to see Bourne Ultimatum, then just tooling around afterwards for about 30 minutes. That same night, being able to write and edit a bit in my book. Then Thursday again, catching my Father in Law who is out of town in Seattle on a business trip, & talking before he went to sleep. Finally, sleeping in this am and yesterday (and every day since I work so late--Thank you Melissa!).

These are some of the things which I am thankful for.

Most of all, I thank my Heavenly Father for my health--so I can go and do and work and hope and think and breathe, and be. So this life I live can be utilized to try to move forward. So my family can have bread on the table, and garnish it with a digital camera, some oreos, icecream, beds, W/D, a new Mirowave, new silverware, new plates, a new (to us) car with a 3rd row of seating, a dog, tomatoes to pick, chairs to sit on, a roof overhead, and hope for the future.

I don't know where exactly I'll end up fitting in jobwise as of 16:39 today, but I have faith that Heavenly Father will lead me to where I can not only be happy and satisfied, but that it will be a job where I can provide and prosper my family. So I am content. Faith proceeds the miracle, and we are paying our tithing. It is in God's hands.



Lori said...

Hang in there. You'll make it.


Jarubla said...

Thanks Lori! Today is the first day of tomorrow...


Shopgirl said...

assistant ward clerk? you will do great in that calling!