Monday, August 20, 2007

The First Day of Forever

I start with NetApp today, in a few (61) minutes to be exact. What am I feeling? Slight aprehension, yes, due mostly to the unknown (not due to feelings of incapacity). I am hopeful, cognizant, open-hearted and minded to this new oportunity, a tad excited to stay sanitarily sparkling clean in my labors (versus becoming sweaty and smelly), and oddly a bit out of place. For six months I have been a night walker, sleeping in the daytime, living at night and the wee hours of morning, finding myself operating under the false light existence of halogen lamps in a warehouse environ of the 24 hour workday. Four of the past five days have allowed me some acclimation, so the shock of rising with the rising sun is minimized somewhat, but I still feel like a part of me is cringing, beliving they are to wither away in the daylight.

Instead, here I am. It's 08:05 now, the stomach is rumbling a bit for it's morning fare (although the nachos I ate last night when Dan and I went for the impromptu motorcycle ride out to visit my sis Beth, her hubby Jody and their two boys Taylor and Mason surely left me with enough sustenance as it was post 9 pm nosh). The dog is pout on the landing, most likely squinting in the morning sun, I hear his feet padding on the planking, impatient to come back in and eat his breakfast. Yesterday I got after him a bit more harsly than usual and he walked around me quite unlike himself more than usual. A man can only take having his strawberries dug up so much, and the poor dog has been at them near a dozen times this summer. The thing which set me upon him with a bum swat and a large lecture (involving him being told to sit and stay for near ten minutes), was a hole dug in the grass and a ruinous chewing on Madolin's bottle. His poor ears had positively wilted after the tongue-lashing I gave him, and he crept about me wondering if I wished he had never been born.

So I need to call him in in a moment, give him an extra scratching behind the ears, and his morning breakfast. Boston Terriers are notorious for being sensitive to the moods of their owners. Emotional dogs if you will.

08:13 now, and b'fast is calling. Here's to a new day and a new job!


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Shopgirl said...

Love you, Bro. It was great to have you guys stop by! We always enjoy your company.