Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Plea

I do not want to reach the end of life
And say that I had not liv’d
(So quick am I to look back at it all and count it for naught--
Will you help me live it here?)
I heard the song of a robin today
So early in the false dark dawn
It’s liquid voice coaxing the newborn sun
And ceased its ablutions before the light fully came
It’s namesake, an application to understand.
To what have I an owning of purpose
My Love and children, aye and aye,
But more—to birds, and sky and trees and all
Of things, which quickened by numen,
Both articulately and noiselessly rejoicing.
Perhaps I’ll regret a thing or two
Times missed or omitted due to hybristic boyishness or sin
But God, He knows about these things, And laughingly
He’ll sit with me and tell me how He was once like I
Life is one eternal round,
‘n eternal quintessence of things which be and were and can
Spirit and constitution, wreathed together, all touching
All connected, all of our souls together.



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Kari Marie said...

enjoyed your blog...then I realized this was melissa husband ha I am leaving a comment. Hope you had a happy birthday!


ps your wife is a babe!

Scarbones said...

You, sir, are a gift. Nice lines.