Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Musings About the Big Two-Niner...

So I turn one year from thirty in just a few hours...My last time alloted to me by God on this earth as a twenty-something (go look up Jamie Cullum and the self-same song title if you want to hear soem great musicianship). Where to begin? I didn't believe I'd be where I am today, on the road to sucess smack dab in the American Dream, 2.5 children, a dog, several bikes, a car, a motorcycle, a washer and dryer, and gadgets enough to shake a large-ish stick at.

Waxing pilosopical? Maybe. I just watched "In Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith (no ailens pop out or get punched, blown up, etc), and the movie struck me and fell into the pantheon of other select films titled: "I never thought I'd watch it, but I did and I liked it". The trailers were sappy, the plot felt, well, dull. The idea of it just seemed pitiful. But the film delivered with some real power to me--Will Smith showed a depth and realism that was touching. The director, an Itallian named Gabrielle Muccino (find out about him here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0610831/ ) was selected for his emotionally touching work by Smith personally. Long story short, they met, they worked together, Muccino directing Smith and the outcome producing something exemplary. Just watch the features on your DVD to catch a great bit of vita and Sognio Americano!

Yes I am living the American Dream. I dip myself into it each and every day, wrapping it about myself and wafting sweet smelling scents it's bounty. I live a life that has been juxstaposed by the sheer apathy and entitlement of those around who only feel the need to get more, more, more. I am in a land blessed by many accounts, a land that tries to adhere to democracy and truth, which tries to put down opression, yet is not perfect. A land where families have 3 and 4 car garages, more clothing and food than we need, all the education anyone motivaed to get it can, a nation which tries to live by peace.

It's 3:40 am, and I am not making myself clear anymore. Yet I wanted to write something, so I could give a tiny thanks to my ancestors who left hearth and farm and everything known to travel here in search of The American Dream. Your jigs and reels stir my soul, and I feel as if I almost could touch you now if I were only able to strech out my arm just so--your names feel so quick to want to come to my tongue, yet the words do not form. To your bones I sing a song, to your spirits I offer my grattitude, and to who you are I offer what I am and can be.


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Scarbones said...

So, for a minute, I thought you bought another mountain bike. Then I realized you were talking about your age.

You are so right on about the bounties we enjoy, and the huge number of blessing we have. It is truly incredible when you stop to think about it. Thanks for another thought-provoking post.