Saturday, April 07, 2007

Going Postal

So this am marks 60.25 hrs in 6 days of work. Holy overtime batman! The USPS tracks their week a bit differently or tomorrow I'd hit the 70 hr mark in 1 week...that is a lot of work!

I was at work tonight in a bit of a snit, tired and more tired, letting "fatigue rule my life" as my older brother Dave Blair would put it. I was cussing up a storm at the DBCS #2 and the unfairness of the way my break had worked out--it shook down something like this: there were three folks who called in sick or absent today, and we were quite short handed. I was scrambling after lunch to clean the 150 or so bins assigned to this particular run in order to go on break (as the machine would continue to run and no one would be sweeping it, just one individual to load--all 32 k per hr, 8 k for you math whizzes). I went to break to enjoy my momentary leap into the cold war and The Hunt For Red October, not really thinking about what I'd be coming back to.

It was mayhem.

Do you know those folks who seem to think they are doing a fine job at whatever they are doing, yet they are really not? I think of them as stuck in the "bubble of self delusion"--a nasty place to be and the only way out of it is to pop it themselves. Well, the fellow loading was "in the bubble." The machine, my machine, was smattering mayhem all over my well-tended work area. Yes I am jealous of my work area, and yes, I do periodically urinate on the corners of the machine to mark boundaries and keep the other clerks at bay. :)

Now, I do not know where the fine line between tourettes and rapid controlled cursing is at, but I imagine I was flirting with it. I spoke a few choice words and then a few more, working my way through the Jayrubler-Coughs model (it's similar to the Kuebler-Ross model, Google it sometime), and eventually accepting the inevitable. This was a pile of &*%#, and I was in that self-same pile of &*%#, and I'd have to dig my way out of it (and so I did).

I came home this am and read the blog of Lynn, my Father-In-Law and it was right up the alley for today's exploits, yet on the other end of the spectrum. It's a good read, and you can find it here (The posting I reference is Responsibility):

My mother would say "When the student is ready, the master will appear", and so it would seem I took a message from his posting. Thank you Lynn!

And to all you day-walkers, I wish you all a good night. 0650, and I am heading to bed

Peace, Jay


Scarbones said...

Thanks for the kind words. I guess teaching each other is part of why we are here. Reminds me of an old Scottish saying, "Ye lift me, 'n I'll lift ye, 'n t'gather we ascend inta Heav'n."

Shopgirl said...

You Rock Jay!