Thursday, March 15, 2007

Recent Revelations & Discoveries

In case you are not abreast with current events in Jarubla's life (besides the great news about the next Blair), I have changed careers and now am employed by the federal government. I am a postal employee!

I have been hired and sworn in (just like US Presidents past), and daily toil with the pith of Americanism. I work on a machine which can run up to 39,000 pieces of mail per hour, and I feel pretty tired at the end of a 10 hr shift. I sleep lots, I work lots, and int he meantime I get to spend a few glorious hours with my better half and kids.

I am a casual employee, and what that means, besides the fact that I can wear bluejeans (hah!) is that my hours may vary (though the workflow is such that 50-ish hours are to be expected) and I can only work there under my job description for a certain length of time. The post office is represented by a union, and they have some odd rules. I have to admit, I am seeing a whole other side to the union issue. As a side note, there a rules for getting around the length at work thing too, my understanding is that I could be re-hired, just under a different job description after 1 week.

So it is my quest right now to, 1, work my butt off and learn everything I can to create a marketable force of myself at work, and 2, take the test and become permanent or full time or whatever the term is.

But the opportunity is very great. There are tests to take still, and the pay, vis-a-vis (to what I am currently doing), would be ennough enticement for any red-blooded bill payer to try and become a permanent employee. On top of this tasty banana split are things like government pension, excellent medical/dental, PTO and sick leave.

Now on to the discoveries...I have been reading quite a bit as of late, and listening to a some new (and not so new) tunes at work (I bought an ipod shuffle, 2nd one, as 1st was sold to one of my siblings). Some of the things I have really enjoyed are:


-The Chronicles of Prydian by Lloyd Alexander (a series of 6 smallish books, childrens classic)
-Mary, Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer (story told from the perspective of Mary, daughter of Henry VIII)
-Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury (A first read, fantasic, Bradbury's absolute best--puts the others of his works to shame!)


-S&M by Metallica
-Straight on 'Till Morning by Blues Traveler
-The Cold Hard Facts by The Del MCcoury Band
-Train if Thought by Dream Theater
-Farmhouse by Phish
-Classic Cash by Johnny Cash
-Master of Puppets by Metallica
-Empire by Queensryche
-Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts
-Any and all albums by the artists known as Steely Dan
-Diver Down by Van Halen

The suprising theme behind the general facade of all these books album/CD/MP3 (whatever the hell they are called now adays), is one of rich marrow--of human experience, of love, of growing up, of anger, fear, sorry, joy, pain, hope, valor despite the mundane, and the importance of life.

I've run longer than I should and waxed not nearly poetic enough...forgive me (and go read SWTWC!)