Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Update 2-6-07

So this post is deticated to stream-of-consciousness ramblings. If you don't know what that is, here is a link to wikipedia (that collegiate spurned e-resource that anyone can edit!)


**Pardon the spelling mistakes**

tired and bored, aprehensive. work. what the hell is going on with it? I wish they'd make up their minds. I shoudl be come a policeman. zach gave me that link to the honolulu PD, I wonder if they call me. Vegas, the testing is in vegas. I shoudl learn to play poker, even though it si against my religion. money for nothing and chicks for free. the 80's were so weird. they remind me of my older siblings, Anna, Dave, Chip. It was nice to see my cousin David Stubbs at grandmothers funeral on saturday. What a day. It felt like Sunday, ecept stronger. My head hurt fdor hours after all that crying I did, but I feel ok now, drained or something. I sluffed church on Sunday, was so tired. tired,. tired now, tired. I shaved this morning, hate shaving. I wonder if my air cleaner will arrive today. i wish the ebay seller would give me a tracking number, he has 60 k in feedbacks, 99.9% good, I hoep he doesn't screw up mine. I need to go back to school. I need to make 50 k a year. 30 k a year isn't enough. Tax return was samller this year than last, what gives? darn babysitting is only worth 1.25 a hour after taxes. I hope the dems don't totally screw up the tax breaks Bush gave us. I wonder about him. is he a good guy or a good old boy? are all politicians crooked? I wonder how much they make, I need a good job. I could be an honest politician. I wonder if all of them think they are honset enough? is their morality any differnt than mine? Do they justify little things too? I think yes, they are people just like everyone else. What are the lines which seperate the criminal from the non-criminal? I think when we die we'll see the criminal are not so differnt than we, they just carried out the thought that presents itself to everyone. They act out of desperation, addiction, hatred, greed, fear, etc etc, ad-nauseum. thios is getting boring, I am hungry, Melissa works tonight, I drive to TX in 1 day. holy poop, my butt is going to be sore form sitting for 24 hrs.


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