Monday, February 26, 2007

Number Threeeeeeee!

Yesterday I broke the Sabbath...if I were in ancient Jerusalem and had gotten caught, yours truly would have been stoned and presently attired in a burial shroud of some sort. Instead I am here typing away on my humble blog, stone free.

Melissa needed a better pregnancy test, one of the early variety. We had used one of the cheap-o variety from the Dolla store (I call it the Dolla store as the store's marquee has had the "R" burnt out for several months with no sign of ever getting fixed--talk about crackerville), and it had a possible 2nd line faintly appear. Three months of trying makes one desperate, so we went to Walmart and risked any stone wielding ancient relatives en-route. None of them showed, and the fancy-schmancy digital pregnancy test (who thought of that?) is still showing "pregnant" this am.

Cool! I am going to be a daddy again! Baby number three, that tie breaker tyke who'll make me bemoan more diapers and formula purchases, but who'll have me wrapped around her little finger.

I am pretty sure it'll be a girl, and that story will have to come from Melissa's mouth, as I am certainly not going to let you quote me from here. :)

The leader of the names for girls is Lillian, with the middle name not quite defined in my mind (sorry babe).

Here's to baby number three and a great pregnancy for Melissa!



montare said...

Hey congrats, Jay! Did you see our news?

Shopgirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for your little family! I'm excited to have another beautiful niece or nephew!