Monday, January 15, 2007

The Resurrection of William

Say, what would William Faulkner think
if he were alive today
would he sigh and hide or wryly wink
and chuckle about Soldiers' Pay

Oh what would William Faulkner do
if he perched on a bench near us
Would he comment the states of affairs or on news
or silenty bide time for the bus?

Of what would William Faulkner speak, anon
if asked to elaboate his words
would he vaildate Sartoris, Mosquitoes, Pylon
or promptly proclaim them absurd?

Oh, I wish William Faulker again would write
his paradox in our modern world
of syphilis and gonorrhea from satyrs and sprites
'twould be modernism and classicism unfurled!

No, Poor William Faulkner no more will speak,
he's gone the way of us all
yet I wish he would for a day, a week
rise up, perversely wink, then comment withal

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