Friday, December 08, 2006

We Wish You a Warmy Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Today Melissa and her mom went shopping for wreath decor and I was left home with a sleepy 21 month old. I lay Maddy down, deadbolted the front door (so you can see I am a responsible father), and commenced to go to the garage to play. I may not have a damnable location, but the garage is definately MY SPACE. I love it there, my 5 bikes are hanging from the rafters, the tools all organized, the household stuff is trundled in their own boxes, etc. I am renting, so the place is not tweaked just the way I'd have it (insulation, polymer coated flooring, neon clocks, pinball machine, TV), but all in all it is more than fine.

Today I had planned just bolting together the child carrier mod which has been pending (cold weather, no walks) for a month, but after buttoning it together, I started looking at the couch and the ill positioned motoroil stained work bench. To paraphrase Apocalypse Now "I love the smell of [light demolition] in the morning." I tore it down, albeit carefully. To do so, I used a Craftsman hammer and a Craftsman hand woodsaw (to date no royalties have been paid to me for this plug for them), my miniature Buck Bros hacksaw to cut the nails so I didn't have to pull them (10 penny nails are pretty damn big), and an alternation of jumping on the top and lifting from the bottom. It worked quite well! I still need to pilot drill for where I am mounting the table on the new wall (the car, the couch, the motorcycle will fit much better now), all 38 3/4 from the ground so the salvaged legs can be reused, and I will be done. Voila, worktable moved from one side of the garage to another.

After the light demolotion, I washed a few sawdusty toys (dusty, compliments of my table saw-owning brother in law Dave--who stores a few tools at my place at no cost to me) :), swept up my mess, and washed my motorcycle. Beauty! I sure like the way it shines when cleaned up!

All this was done in the warm 40 degree December air. I love Utah! It can be winter, and colder than the Wicked Witch of the North's nipple, but if the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing then it generally feels pretty balmy.

It has been a busy day--lots of chores, and generally I have felt tired. I have caught some funky cold immediately after getting over my last one (my symptoms are different, more of a nasal thing). The house looks great, my wife is fantastic, my babies are growing and darn cute, and my dog is going to make me some coin this year.

Peace out ninjas

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