Saturday, October 07, 2006

The perfect postum recepie

Ok, so most of the world drinks coffee. What are you to do if you don't indulge in a heavily caffeinated double espresso but you like drinks which aren't sugary sweet cocoa? I have come up with a personal favorite, and though the recipe may already be adrift in the flotsam and jetsam of the cyber sea, here goes.

1 spoonful of postum (a toasted barley powder, available at a store near you)
1/2 spoonful of honey
dash of nutmeg
2 dashes of cinnamon
3/4 cup of hot water, preferably from a tea kettle, it just seems so...traditional
1/4 cup of milk (I prefer skim, any will do, try buttermilk if you hanker for something strange, or are loath to induce vomiting...syrup of ipecac will produce the same results)

Put all the dry ingredients together with the honey in your mug, next pour in the hot water and stir until mixed. Thirdly add the milk, and finally, sit back and enojy (preferably with a nice bestseller or in front of a great movie with someone you love).

Peace out ninjas,


Melissa said...

Mmmm! I actually prefer hot chocolate myself, but sometimes nothing does the job like Postum. :) You'll have to make me a cup tonight just how you do it so I can see just how good it is. lol

Scarbones said...

Postum is one of my favorites! Introduced to me by my Gramma, and of course, she always has the best. I'll have to give this recipe a try. Sounds great, especially the part about combining it with a book or movie and a loved one.

Shopgirl said...

great recipe! I also love it with a splenda stirred in, and a dallop of cool-whip on top! An LDS cappucino! :)