Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why does life feel like an exercise in futility sometimes?

Huh? Why?? I am here at work (which shall remain nameless), and feeling like I as a manager keep asking for the same things with a very small yield in my employee's results. I must say Iam a positive person. I am not abrasive or exceptionally disiplinary. Totally not my style. Yet I have peope making the same mistakes, and my out-of-town management feeling like they need to "guide" or "manage" me and my work. I should be relieved that it is not just me this phenomenon is limited to, it just seems to be this way on my little team compared to the vastness of corporate america.

There. I feel better. just talking about it makes me internalize my frustrations a little less. This is better than the psych couch, although I would be fine with the lights being dimmed a bit more and one of those soothing sea scapes and sounds thingies playing in the background. :) vastly better half (love you bay-bee!) has got me hooked on "Grey's Anatomy". I watched some of the DVD's of Season 1 several months ago, then kinda lost interest. My fascination was again piqued when Season 2 started showing up from Netflix. Meliss asked if I wanted to watch with her and the rest, as they say, is history.

It has been interesting to me to observe the initial opinions I formed of the characters in season 1 countered against season 2. I have to give kudos to the authors for the character development. It seems that every person in the show is developing and growing in their areas of weakness (except for Alex, c'mon the guy is a pissy jaded jagoff who only has acerbic honesty going for him). There are times that I want to shake/slap/ask WTF, but overall I have appreciated the character development. The show feels real, and empathizes with the human condition. It doesn't really apologize for our humanity per se, but it does sympathize with all the doodoo we become enmeshed in. It does catch hold on an indescribable thread of something magic--an ethereal, incandescent, fleeting shot of life being more than the mundane (if cardio-thoracic or cranial surgery can be mundane!!). It's that effort and attitude have meaning, and that relationships have purpose, and that life holds beauty inherent to it's nature.

The show has found a suprising place in my psyche and my heart. I have been lucky in the fact that I have been able to watch everything in chronological order at my leisure. I wonder at the myopia of season 3--I am not one for being hooked into network syndication (damn commercials)--I will be glued to the TV (alas no TiVo) every Thursday @ 9 pm for the next several months.

Jay out.

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Gretschzilla said...

"Come children. Let us bask in television's warm glowing warming glow."

Homer Simpson