Thursday, September 21, 2006

OK, 2 posts in one day. Must be some kinda record. You gotta watch this video by Weird Al. The man is so damn funny! The king of parody!

I think the original song is silly. This parody nails it on the head!

-Jay out


Gretschzilla said...

Did you ever watch UHF with Wierd Al in it? That was the best spoof movie ever. He is a genius.

Jay said...

Fantastic movie! My favorie line, which I quote all too of and to the derision of my colleagues is:

"Do you want the red snapper or what is in the box?" The woman deliberates, obviously confused, and turns to the audience. She turns back and says "I'll take what is in the box!" and the reply is "You get nothing! You are stupid!" Classic. :)

Gretschzilla said...

I liked Conan the Librarian saying "Don't you know the Dewey Decimal System?", before chopping that kid in half.

Shopgirl said...

That was a super funny video!