Thursday, September 21, 2006 am becoming a Sitcom junkie.

OK so maybe I was wrong about Alex. I watched the season 2 finale and his character evolved. Right before he picks up Izzy from Dennys bed, he shows a compassionate side of himself--a side that we only got a guarded glimpse of in the episode where the mom died on the table and he performed an emergency c-section to save the baby.

Wow. Another facet. Can't wait for tonights premier!

Here's a music video by Snow Patrol worth watching (cut and paste as my blog savvy still is pretty infantile)

-Jay out


Melissa said...

You aren't a sitcom junkie! You don't watch them all day long... just one... and all night long. lol. It's a great show!

Jay said...

Thanks Babe--I will be counting on you coming along to the Sitcoms Anonymous meetings and holding my hand as we get through it :)