Friday, September 22, 2006

Do you have a favorite addage?

Something old and sagely handed down through the ages of time that benefits countless millions? My favorite is a recent addition to the cluster of knowledge man has carded together out of the wooly morass of human thought. It flows like this:

"You and pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't roll your friends into little balls and flick them across the room."

It has saved me on countless times when I have longed to do such a thing to a colleague. First it serves as a prim reminder to not kill. Second, it adds some humor, which is valuable in this old world 'o trouble.

I am being facetious, but honestly, how often do we rely on old sayings. How often do we hold them in high enough regard as to make them factual? "A penny saved is a penny earned", "A stich in time saves nine", "Too many cooks spoil the broth". "A soft voice turneth away wrath."

There have even been times when I have used similar sayings like an incantation, chanting it at the back of someones head, projecting them towards that car which seems hell-bent on easing into 40 mph oncoming traffic on State Street, muttering them under my breath in a difficult situation. What would I do without this venting of my spleen?

I should be more like God wants me to be. Long suffering and patient. Perhaps this is a malaise like the Apostle Paul suffered from, a "thorn in the flesh". Allthough truth be told I give in to too many thorns in the flesh. More likely I give in to this impatience as I feel like life is passing me by and I will miss the things I want to accomplish. Let me throw in another wise saw: "Life is in the journey and not the destination."

My answers have unexpectedly come this Friday at work. My spleen has been vented, and the crow has been eaten. Such is the life of a manager, making up our place mat and eating up the dogs dinner another made of a situation. I do give thanks to God that I have come through it, and that words can be unmade. Monday requires a disiplinary action for my colleague, and hopefully my proxy apology email falls on a fertile heart and not stony ground.

Jay out

Thursday, September 21, 2006

OK, 2 posts in one day. Must be some kinda record. You gotta watch this video by Weird Al. The man is so damn funny! The king of parody!

I think the original song is silly. This parody nails it on the head!

-Jay out am becoming a Sitcom junkie.

OK so maybe I was wrong about Alex. I watched the season 2 finale and his character evolved. Right before he picks up Izzy from Dennys bed, he shows a compassionate side of himself--a side that we only got a guarded glimpse of in the episode where the mom died on the table and he performed an emergency c-section to save the baby.

Wow. Another facet. Can't wait for tonights premier!

Here's a music video by Snow Patrol worth watching (cut and paste as my blog savvy still is pretty infantile)

-Jay out

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why does life feel like an exercise in futility sometimes?

Huh? Why?? I am here at work (which shall remain nameless), and feeling like I as a manager keep asking for the same things with a very small yield in my employee's results. I must say Iam a positive person. I am not abrasive or exceptionally disiplinary. Totally not my style. Yet I have peope making the same mistakes, and my out-of-town management feeling like they need to "guide" or "manage" me and my work. I should be relieved that it is not just me this phenomenon is limited to, it just seems to be this way on my little team compared to the vastness of corporate america.

There. I feel better. just talking about it makes me internalize my frustrations a little less. This is better than the psych couch, although I would be fine with the lights being dimmed a bit more and one of those soothing sea scapes and sounds thingies playing in the background. :) vastly better half (love you bay-bee!) has got me hooked on "Grey's Anatomy". I watched some of the DVD's of Season 1 several months ago, then kinda lost interest. My fascination was again piqued when Season 2 started showing up from Netflix. Meliss asked if I wanted to watch with her and the rest, as they say, is history.

It has been interesting to me to observe the initial opinions I formed of the characters in season 1 countered against season 2. I have to give kudos to the authors for the character development. It seems that every person in the show is developing and growing in their areas of weakness (except for Alex, c'mon the guy is a pissy jaded jagoff who only has acerbic honesty going for him). There are times that I want to shake/slap/ask WTF, but overall I have appreciated the character development. The show feels real, and empathizes with the human condition. It doesn't really apologize for our humanity per se, but it does sympathize with all the doodoo we become enmeshed in. It does catch hold on an indescribable thread of something magic--an ethereal, incandescent, fleeting shot of life being more than the mundane (if cardio-thoracic or cranial surgery can be mundane!!). It's that effort and attitude have meaning, and that relationships have purpose, and that life holds beauty inherent to it's nature.

The show has found a suprising place in my psyche and my heart. I have been lucky in the fact that I have been able to watch everything in chronological order at my leisure. I wonder at the myopia of season 3--I am not one for being hooked into network syndication (damn commercials)--I will be glued to the TV (alas no TiVo) every Thursday @ 9 pm for the next several months.

Jay out.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Snow on Timp 9/15/06!

There is snow on Mt Timpanogos! I hope this year will be another banner year for snowfall. Last year, the year prior, and the year before were all fantastic years for the ainches of snow. In 04 and 05 I went snowboarding both times before Halloween at Brighton (05 was 10 days before Halloween). And the snow was deep enough that I never scraped the bottom of my board.

Come on 2007 snowfall!

The weather the last few days has been fairly wet and cold. Fall is here and the long sleeve shirts are being tugged on at the Blair house with anticipation. I have got some preparations for the apartment to get done, mostly weatherproofing the circa 1960's windows which insulate little better than wax paper ;) I have put new Schlage locks and deadbolts on all the exterior doors (killer mechanisms on those locks, butter smooth!), and feel better about that.

Gotta get new jackets for the lil sprouts, my two kids are growing so darn fast.

Anyhow, I am glad today is Friday!

Jay out...

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 5th anniversary today

I know the WWW will be clogged with thoughts memories ramblings dealing with grief and memory of 9/11 today, and my tiny corner of cyber space is not sigificant in the grand scheme of things, but I wanted to just post something about today.

What a day. The entire deal still makes me mad--so many peiople dying at the hands of extreme zealots. So...selfish. I know we are viewed as the western "evil" to these terrorists, also that Allah has a hundred virgins waiting in heaven for their good deeds. Do these men believe this is really going to happen? I can think of nothing that feels more skewed than this. Faith is just that, belief in things which are not seen, but some things just smack me as odd. Can you imagine being one of the 100 virgins who lived your whole life covered and veiled, living the values you leaned in the Koran, and basically you become a slave to someone who murdered innocents? W E I R D. Like I said, it smacks. It is strange thinking.

Anyway, I have no idea why I ranted about that. I am not against Islam. I believe by and large the religion is good. It just seems that there are mad clerics who have their own perogative in mind and they stir their people to rebellion.

So today is 5 years after the fact that terrorism struck on American Soil. The wounds feel broken back open every time I see images or read about them. The sadness is there, and it is still mixed with anger. Fear is not acceptible, as an American, I cannot let it rule my life.

So today I wear black, mirroring Johnny Cash: "...until things are brighter, I'm the Man in Black."