Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ramblings of a rancid or rabid nature (not...)

So I hate shaving. If I were rich I would go get all my facial hair lasered. I wonder what it'd be like? Would I be strapped out on a board with some of those funky tanning sunglasses (you rememeber the type, skinny, teeny ultra-black lenses that fall off at the first micromiter of movement and leave you cursing wonsering if your retinas just got fried), and attacked by a "technician" with a lazer-tag gun? I can just see them diving and feinting all over the place trying to get a good angle on my face. I am just going to leave it at the face for my hypothetical rich dream. Imagine the feinting if I were to get any, ahem, body hair removed!

So, my better half and I went to Pirates of The Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest last night. Leave it to Disney to milk some sequels out of a sucessful first film (seen Land Before Time IX lately?!?). I will say that I did have an enjoyable time, the best parts were the schtick and the monologue between the two crewman (baldie and wood-eye). All in all, it was ok. A bit more gory with people getting whacked by the jimmy-the-tuna of the high seas ("Captain, what do we do with the survivors?" "There are no survivors!" Whack, whump, splat!), so the kids prob won't see it for a few years as I don't want lil man getting any ideas. LOL

Anyway, got to go. So much for these things having a point...


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