Monday, July 31, 2006

Holy Hawg, I own a Harley!

Yes, yes, hell hath frozen over and the red guy with a pointy tail doth ski...I own a 2005 883 Custom Sportster. I bought it on Saturday after sitting at the dealership for several hours (5, Melissa just gestured that to me), and the suprising thing is how similar to a bicycle it is. The main difference is that the motobike is streered by countersteering versus steering in the direction you want to go. A strange phenomenon that.

I rode today to the Insurance co, to MotoX to pick up a very nice 70 dollar helmet, and then later when the jones hit me(and in the rain! Billy Joel would be so proud).

The damn blogger is freaking out on me so I will have to try and post peeeetures later.

Jay out

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