Tuesday, June 06, 2006

it is hotter than hell and tomorrows date is just plain old creepy

What is going to happen tomorrow? Cataclysm? Well, the creepiest yuck yuck movie is opening, and I have staff meeeting at work, but other than that I don't expect much to go on. I will however see the four donutmen of the avoirdupois (instead of the four horsemen of the apocalypse) whilst at work, and will be subjected to the fax machine of doom -- it squats on my desk with its chirping insistence that I change it's empty film (shut up damn you! I have checked and restraightened your roll times beyond number!).

No really, what is this about creepy symbols? Do people just use it as a marketing ploy for horror flicks? It's kinda weird how some people are like that, avoiding walking under ladders, steping on the 13th floor...

Anyway, time for the sandman to come visit me tonight. I am going to curl up with my horseshoe and my box of lucky charms (magically delicious) and hope kismet skips past me tomorrow. I will be a sandpiper on the shores of a balmy sea, trilling my tune through the bluster of a quick summer storm.


Peace out ninjas