Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tomorrow I run with Forrest Gump

I am tired. We drove to Ogden to visit Great Grandma Jensen and pick up the race packet for the Marathon relay tomorrow. I always love to see Grandma, Cliff and Lois, but I nearly fell alseep at the wheel (BNL song, that) a bakers dozen worth of times. Soooooooo tired. shows 70 degrees and a wee percentage of precip possible (10%). Yay! The last two days have been drippy and dreary. Bring on the sun!

School is done, 3 A's and 1 B+ (Bio, funny how I got the lowest of my grades from my favorite class of the semester). Work continues to be tough, I worked 10, 11, 12.5 hrs on Mon, Wed, Fri, and only 9 each on Thur and Fri. Basically with the promotion and the hours I am making a whoppin' eight fifty an hour. Yay Salary!!!!! It's not all bad, in fact I am seeing a huge improvement in morale of the team--also the response of our clients from the work my co-manager and I are trying to accomplish add to the job satisfaction. Ths account is going to be great and I know it is because of prayers, hard work, and showing the team I manage that I am serious about them doing a good job.

Gotta jet, tired as all heck. Wakey wakey time is in just a few bare minutes for the drive to the race. I can count 'em out at 240 minutes. I am taking my pillow and ipod and going to yell if anyone tries to get me to drive... just kiddin Dave.

Peace out banditos, happy Cinco De Mayo!