Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jumping on the wagon of bands

Hola cyber time & space,

I join you as a citizen, one of the last few to enroot themselves out here on the big WWW. Doesn't everyone have one of these blogs? Ranting about the bum of so and so and how horrible Lost (t.m.) was last week? I join you heathen and kinsman, supporter and meek soul, and ask you to revel with me--as I labor to post my core, my psyche, sentiments, and turnabout ramblings.

Tonight I am still awake and trying, with moderate success, to load my CD collection onto an ipod (t.m.). The newfangled device has been under my commision for an entire 4 days (as of 10 hrs from now) and has only 1.15 of it's promised 30 gig filled with misc. tunes. What am I going to do to fill up the darn thing? I sprung for the larger one in hopes of putting it all on there--all 150+ CD's and then packing away the jewelcases and compact discs into a waterproof container and burying them till the year 2300 when they would bring a pretty decent price on antique road show (as longas they were wrapped in my unwashed blue jeans). I can imagine my great (to the 14th power) granddaughter digging it up and jamming out to The Beatles, Kila, Nickel Creek, Beethoven & Sting. Cool.

I am turning into an insomniac--this business of staying up till 3 am has got to stop--there is just so much to do! Clean the house, play with the kids, hang out with my better half, take the dog out to pee for the umpteenth time, worry about my garden, wish I was riding my bicycle, eat something yumm-o, say my prayers, work hard in the ol' salt mines, and get up and do it all over again.

I mean, I piss and moan like the best of them, but I really have got it pretty good. Roof over my head, no diease, 10 fingers and toes, a fantastic wife, two beautiful and fun kids, a mut that pees on the rug on occasion, and basically everything I could really want. Life is good. I have a great family (huge with all the inlaws and cousins etc, makes for some great times together), live in a free country, and can shop at walmart (uh-oh, another t.m.). Oh wait...I don't have Tivo(t.m.). You lied to me founding fathers! This land is not my land...Grrrrr...

So who in the heck is crazy enough to load every single one of their CD's on their ipod (t.m.,sigh)? Am I insane? Don't normal people just steal the music from creepy filesharing dudes wearing trenchcoats and a smile? I, um, heard about this guy who used to swap files (ahem), back in 1999-ish but I quickly found that I liked the liner notes instead of the guilt. And the cheap-o crappy white 10 cent a piece discs that had the titles scrawled on them in sloppy sharpie (no more t.m.! I rebel) kinda fell apart after listening to them 1 or 2x. I changed, was cured of my purcahsing convalescence and now stay up worrying about the Bio test tomorrow I don't really want to take (sorry Prof Heward), instead of Interpol busting down my door because I rented 30 CD's from the Orem Public Library and ripped them all to CD. Incidentally, do you know how long that took?? Even more humorous was how long it took to break each one when I decided to buy the albums I really liked and trash the trash ones (most of them). If I had a nickel for every ripped CD, I'd have about 82 cents (hows that for miscalculation).

Anyway, I am tired. Dave Matthews' Some Devil (legitimate CD, like all mine now, boooring old curmudgeon that I am) is playing now and ripping to my Ipood (saw a green shirt on ebay with that on it).

G'night all you cyber geeks and ghouls, remember the Alamo (t.m. Argh!).


Melissa said...

I have to say I love your writing! VERY entertaining! You never cease to make me laugh. :)

Scarbones said...

Alright, already, enough with the t.m. Nobody is really gonna get after you. Even the newspapers don't put it on when doing a story. Besides, like Kleenex, iPod is becoming almost synonymous with the thing itself, in this case, an MP3 player, which in itself is a bit of misnomer, since the iPods really play MP4s now...

Ramble on, Jarubla, ramble on. Always good to hear from you.

montare said...

Welcome to the bl... to the blahhhhh... the bllggsmmm. Nope, I just can't say "blogosphere" without gagging a little.

Is your Atom or RSS feed enabled in Blogger? I'd like to add you to my Google aggregator but I don't see a link on your blog.

Jay said...

Thanks all, and welcome to my glorious cyber-hovel. Pull up a milk crate, an empty trash can, and a 1970's rattan chaise. Welcome and fell well.

But serioiusly, thanks for being here!

Melissa, look for more laughs, I believe that God blessed the pen and not the tongue for me.

Scarbones, I am glad to have developed past the t.m. thing. Now if I could only graduate beyond the (R)

Montare, Nice handle old bean! You will have to show me some fancy-schmancy developing tricks so my blog will be bloggeriffic.